Hour Record: On Guard! Dowsett on Wiggins'

Alex DowsettAlex Dowsett:
"It is an event I enjoyed. I enjoyed the build-up and executing it. It is right up my street as a time trialist with a track background.
My record attempt was very well calculated and we only set out to break the record. If you go out too fast then you will suffer and pay for it later on. We ran a very conservative race and I could have gone faster.
I would like to go back and see what I am capable of, whether that be next year or in eight years' time. 
I had massive support from my team and sponsors so it was not something that crossed my mind: I never asked British Cycling for any help but if I had, I probably would have got some. I had more than enough support from my own team."

Source BBC Radio 5 live


According to Cyclingnews Alex's couch Collins not only contests British Cycling's support but moreover says Wiggins' bike was illegal, according to the Article 1.3.007 of the UCI regulations state that a bike “designed especially for the attainment of a particular performance (record or other) shall be not authorised.” 
By the other side SkySports reports that "in a statement on Tuesday, the UCI, which officiates over the hour record, confirmed: “Bradley Wiggins’ bike and equipment were thoroughly assessed by UCI officials before and after the UCI Hour Record attempt and were judged to be fully compliant with UCI Regulations.”

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