Pouring Light

At dawn
Early morning. Break-fast in the sunshine. Lots of light. Pouring light. I love this place!
Welcome home!
I moved to the country home on Sunday, after my son's race, and I can already feel how deeply I belong to this place. In spite this isn't the best period in my life, here I'm prfectly happy. It doesn't depend on things happening (or not-happening), it's just the glorious nonsense of nature
Race in San Casciano: what a view!!!
May is a crazy moment when you work in school: lots of meetings, students going insane about their exams, last minute interviews... In add this year my son has got his own final exam AND the Cambridge KET exam in English AND he's in his first year as 'esordiente' that means much many training sessions and much harder races. I must say I'm proud because he's doing well: yesterday in San Casciano he finished just out the top ten on a long steep uphill finish.
For the first time in years I have not been to the Giro. I watched it, wrote about it but I didn't go. I was supposed to be in Milano for the last stage, mostly to see Scott Mitchell, but his schedule changed so my already poor motivation went complentely down... and I went to my son's race instead.
I agree that has been a very weird Giro. I'll tell you more later. Now I'm off to the country!

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