The Most Beautiful Smile in the World

Albir 2013 Not smiling but... 
Happy Birthday Andy!
Just 30 and you still have it: the most beautiful smile in the world. 
When I had the chance to interview you, you know, I used to have my questions written down because I risked to forget, idiotically staring at your smile. 
More often, at races, I used to take tons of pictures, tring to catch your feeling and your mood. Even in the worst moments you are able to find a smile - I remember that painful Tour of Beijing when you were struggling to finish at every stages... 
There is a smile in your voice too, unless you are very angry - I made you very angry twice, but it never lasted long.
Keep that smile, and the skill of smiling with all your soul, with your shining rascal eyes, easygoing and free. The best gift is the one we give ourselves: living the life we want, growing our dreams in reality, being loved and loving.
I'm sure you'll enjoy your day. 
Take care!

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