In Short: Tour de France - Bob Jungels' First

That was Halloween!
The first time I met Bob Jungels it was in 2010, he wasn't a pro yet, we were both attending the post Liège party by Asport in Diekirch and Ed Buschette - Luxembourgish Federation's chief - introduced me: "That's Bob Jungels, a very talented young rider". Sure it was! He won the U23 TT World Championship few later, then went racing for Leopard's Continental Team, finally passed to the pro squad. Now he's ready for his first Tour de France. 
There is a nice interview here.

In Short:

1. A Big Circus: "I have roomed a lot with Andy and Fränk (Schleck) and we talked a lot about it. [...] You realize it's the biggest event of the year, and it's not only the race that's going on - that's what you hear from the others who have done it -  that it's a big circus. There will be more pressure."

2. La crème de la crème: "I am not sure if it's harder, but I think that you have to understand that from every team you have the nine strongest riders, so obviously it's the crème de la crème that's there."

3. A Tactical Race: "Also, I have a feeling that teams are not going to take the same risks to force some things in the Tour than at the other Grand Tours, that tactically they will be more conservative especially compared to one-week races."

4. Sleep is important: "I took my own pillow for the Tour. It's because sleep is that important in three weeks. I mean, they always say that if you sleep one hour more each day you have an extra 2-3 nights rest by the end. That is quite a difference, and something you may not realize the first time that you are there and you go to bed at 12 instead of 11."

5. Goals and Hopes: "I really hope that I can be the last guy with the leaders to guide them into the final climbs. And yeah, if I have a chance to go for a breakaway, I am going to grab it. I mean the big goal would be to win a stage."

6. Nat Champ: "I am proud to wear my National jersey, and to do it at the Tour is overwhelming. The first day starts with a time trial and that will be a stage I am really motivated for and hope to do well in. To wear the  jersey at the Tour – yeah, it’s an honor, I’m excited."

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