Lonely Paradise

New flowers

Some say Heaven must be boring and it seems a certain loneliness is part of its concept. A crowded Paradise... no, it wouldn't be a Paradise. Still we are social being and isolation doesn't suit us, really. In my concept a Paradise would be a
quiet, beautiful spot in the country shared with a loved one. 
Here in the country home I'm close to Heaven and thankful for it. I just miss the loved one... So it's a little lonely I must admit. But I'm far from complaining!
Son goes training
First of all it's almost 40 degrees in Florence in these days, while here it's about 30 and 25 at night. Then here it's really beautiful and I'm simply amazed by the infinite splendour of the wild nature. All this beauty and peace makes me feel guilty thinking of people suffering and fighting, and makes me aware that what we are it's just matter of good or bad luck so it isn't the case to be too proud or arrogant about it.
Ramadan: reading the Quran
What am I doing, watching the Tour a part? I'm looking after my son the most: he isn't a child anymore and he's now riding to train each morning on his own. Still he isn't an adult and he needs some support. We wake up quite early during the week and at the sunrise on Sunday when he has got his race.
Sunbathing in the garden
We sleep with our bedroom's windows open and no curtains and the sunrise is an incredible daily surprise. You don't get used to the miracle of the first light, just a milky mist making blue the mountains shoulders, then the rosy announcement of the sun, still hidden, then the first ray through the trees, then the sun itself, glorious, blinding. 
Opening the bathroom window I often catch the leaving presence of a wild animal and it occurs that they cross the road when we drive to or from the village in the early morning or at night. Birds, insects, small animals... here they take all the scene, unlike in the city, we humans are just intruders.
Son is becoming a good team element: he's good on long climbs but not on explosive ramps and very very good at keeping position in the peloton, so a precious help for his team leader. That requires a good break-fast!
Party :)
I do the mom you see, then I do the florist: planting new flowers and giving water in the fresher hours of the day. I wasn't a writer I was a florist. There is a kind of zen accomplishment in taking care of simple things like a garden - or a bike! Yep I think bike mechanics can experience the same serenity of a zen gardener when they are alone attending their duty. 
A new rose
Then I do my Ramadan reading the whole Quran and being serious about my pratice. Typically... I calculated the pages wrong so I finished the reading earlier. No matter. That's also very relaxing. 
Finally I do... NOTHING. I just enjoy, sunbathing in the garden, taking a shower now and then.
In the afternoon I watch the Tour de France, then write about it and I'm proud when I manage to get it published before Cyclingnews, report, results and some reactions. YEAH! I rock!  I'm joking, but when I see I had 400 readers a day or even more... wow! it's motivating.
A party with some of my last students broke the routine some days ago: we make pizza, played ping-pong, danced and had fun. A very nice night. I could finally wear that all coloured dress I fell in love for and bought on the spot...
Yesterday, after son had left, I noticed a new rose was born. Is there a bigger joy? 

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