Tour de France: Alexis Vuillermoz Diary 7 (translated)

Alexis VuillermozThe French original is HERE:

Alexis Vuillermoz:
"The Pyrénées are over. We livd there some hard moments. In the heat,in the rain. We suffered all together. In Cauterets stage, I was having a bit of pain in my back. The next day we experienced an hellish finale. That's the Tour, with its lot of joy and pain.  We lost two mates, Johan Vansummeren and Ben Gastauer. It's never easy to see them leave the hotel but that's the Tour.
Today Jicé Péraud badly crashed. He finished, he's covered on blessures but tomorrow he'll be at the start. To help mates and bring bottles he said. Last year he was a leader and now he's suffering. That shows all the relativity in our sport and all the greatness of a champion.
Tomorrow the stage finish in Mende. It suits me, even if the flat before the climb of Laurent Jalabert doesn't probably. But I'll try my chance, that's sure.
After this there will be the Alpes and the whole team is very motivated to shine. As far as me, I'm finding out the consequences of my victory. On the road people recognise me. That's nice… Even if you can't say everybody ok or sign everybdy. 
That's also it's the Tour's magic, where eavery exploit and each anecdote is seen in worldvision.
Thank you anyway for all your messages…"

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