Tour de France: Alexis Vuillermoz Diary 8 (translated)

Alexis VuillermozThe French original is HERE.

"What a nice day. Romain was able of a true exploit today. The before he suffered because of an hypoglycemy and today he wins, solo, one of the most beautiful mounatin stage in the Tour de France. It's the champions' fabric. 
His success compensated an hard day for myself. Since a few days my legs feel heavyand I'm bitting the bullet. The Tour de France has no mercy but in the team there is an atomosphere that helps you standing the shock.
With two stage victories and Romain fighting for a top 10 and, after today, for the best climber jersey, we are motivated to end the Grande Boucle on a high note. The sport, lived as Romain did today, is simply magic."

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