Tour de France: Alexis Vuillermoz Diary 3 (translated)

Alexis VuillermozThe original French is HERE.

"This time, it's started. You feel a bit euphoric giving the first stroke of pedal. That's normal. It's quickly over and the race takes all your focus. There was a crazy huge crowd on the circuit, as usual during short time trials. But you could really feel that we are in the country of King Bike.
I did an honest TT. I can still improve especially in the management of the effort. It was my first race with a new wheel and a little changed position. I'm keeping improving hopefully.
Since tomorrow and for a few days we are going to ride on the roads of Holland, Belgium and of the North. It's going to be windy, we'll find some pavé. That isn't my cup of tea. The recon went well some days ago… but it was just the recon.
We'll see. The Tour started and that's the important."

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