In Short: Alex Dowsett's Next Goals, TdF and TdP

Alex Dowsett
Happy and moved after the Hour Record!
There is an interview HERE.

In Short:
1. Tour of Poland: "There’s no time trial this year and there’s quite a substantial mountaintop finish. I have noted a big absence of the real big boys of the time trial world, I'm quietly confident."
2. Next Goals: “The main targets, and they are subject to change, will be the world team time trial championships and world individual time trial championships.”
3. TdF: “It was disappointing. I wasn’t best prepared for the Tour but the job I could do for the team I could do very well, which was on the flat on the first 10 days. The next day [after the crash] I had nothing, like absolutely nothing. It was a hard day from start to finish and I had an average heart rate of 115 but I was flat out, when it should have been 145-150. That seemed to be the general format for the rest of it. It really knocked the wind out of my sails. 
For me it was more disappointing to have not done the job that I knew I could have for the first 10 days rather than not finishing. But I know now what I need to do in terms of preparation, and that’s not do an Hour record.
Basically preparing for the Tour de France last year I was at 74-75 kilos. After the Hour Record I was up at 80-81, then I had three weeks between Bayern and the Dauphiné to lose that. Whem the Tour came round I was at 78, now I’m at 77, so I’m chipping it off slowly.”
4. Hour Record: “I really want to have another go. I think we all want to – myself and the team. It’s obviously a huge stress on the team to prepare it, and what was showed this year is that we have to carefully consider when in the season it is in the season. I would probably actually go later ideally, like right at the end of the season. I’ve owned the Hour Record now, that box has been ticked but it’s something I really enjoyed doing, its something I think I’ve got a lot more in the tank for, so I’d like to give it another crack, I think we can do a good job on it. But we’re in no rush.”

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