In Short: Simon Clarke About GreenEdge's Strategical Change

Simon Clarke in Pink
I had tweeted it few days ago: "It's just me or things are going wrong at ORICA GreenEDGE ? Lot of people leaving... a strategic goals change maybe?" Simon Clarke is leaving too and confirm what I was smelling. Nothing wrong: the Yates  brothers give the team the chance to really race for the overall in grand tours and Classics so it's normal to build the team around them.
I just hope GE doesn't lose its peculiar way. I mean... we want MORE MUSICAL VIDS, ok?

There is an interview HERE.

In Short:

Simon Clake:
"GreenEdge are making quite a few changes for next year. I’m not the only one who will be leaving the team. They’ve got some ideas on where they want to take the team in the future, and to do that they need to sign specific riders to achieve their goals, and to sign specific riders they need to let other ones go. They’re trying to reach a different level in their ambitions and I suppose that arrived at the time where it was time for me to consider making a move. 
It basically revolves around the Yates boys going so strong, and they’re only second year pros. Last week we saw Adam win San Sebasti├ín, and Simon has been knocking on the door as well. They’re looking for some more climbing support to support those guys and to get more climbing support they need to let other riders go. They’ve got a juggle on their hands and will also want to build up more of a lead-out for Caleb [Ewan].
GreenEdge has a long-term project for general classification. As far as I know they’re not so interested in purchasing an instant GC rider. They’re really focused on developing the Yates brothers and the young talent they sourced themselves and really try to grow them into their own GC riders. I think they’re doing a great job with that. We will see the results sooner rather than later, they’re both two super talents and a couple more years time they’ll be doing big things."

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