Women Cycling: Lucy Garner's Classy Win in La Route de France

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I'm not following this race but Lucy Garner is one of my favourite rider, I interviewed here last year so I'm happy that she won, especially after a difficult early season marked by crashes and illness.

Well deserved! brava!

Lucy Garner:
“I’m really happy to have won today – it has been a hard few months with a lot of crashes for me but the team have always believed in me. The girls had trust that I could finish it off today and get the win. They worked hard for me in the final and then Amy finished it off perfectly by bringing me to the finish after fighting for position in the in the last kilometres. After Amy’s win yesterday it is nice to keep the win within the team today as well. It was close on the line, I thought I had it but then as we came over the line I wasn’t so sure. So I’m really happy to get the win.”

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