Cyclocross: There we go! Lars van der Haar's Schedule... and the Joy of Commuting

On my way to Figline: crossin the river in Rignano
It's cold. Yeah, cold and windy here in Florence and I guess it's colder in Belgium. The road Worlds are done and dusted and in few days Il Lombardia will put a end to the whole road season. There are a few other races on the road calendar but after Como my focus will switch to the cycloross. It's about time.
And here my rider is Lars van der Haar, one of the purest talents in the cross peloton. I'll keep an eye also on my favourite ousider Angus Edmond. They both have already started their cross season - Lars in Vegas, Angus in Three Peaks (UK), the craziest race I have ever seen... - and both did great - Lars 4th and Angus 37th. Bravo!
A misty morning
As far as me I'm back enjoying the pleasure of commuting, and I mean it. I feel a lot of pity for people stucked in their cars when riding by in a misty morning, my legs a little lazy yet, breathing free, my world in my wheels, spinning at the same rhythm of my heartbeat. It's a great feeling.
By bike and train
This year I teach in two different schools and I have to take a train to get to one of them, in a small town near Florence. The rail station is very close to my home, I pedale just 15' and still I like it, it gets me awake. Then I apreciate the fact that in spite the trip is short on the train I have time to read my book  - Jung's autobiography at the moment. Quite often I just look outside the window at the beautiful country touched by the first rosy rays of the sun. I love the early morning!
Angus Edmond in Three Peaks
I even love riding in the rain when a storm catches me on my way back from th other school, that is in Florence - the same as last year. At first, when you aren't used, you are like: "Oh! Nooooo! I'm getting wet!" or "Damn it! it's dangerous!". Then you realise that all the fuss has no reason really because hey, you're getting wet but pedaling keeps you warm enough and you'll change your clothes once at home. And it's true that a wet road is more dangerous that a dry one but, talking about commuting, you don't need to take any risk, you can take your time and enjoy it actually. Riding in the rain can be absolutely safe and even nice when you stop complaining and start living the moment, here and now. It can be amazing.

Lars van der Haar
Lars van der Haar:
“I hope to take another step forward in my development as a CX rider this season. In general, my season goals are to perform well at the World Cup and Superprestige races. On top of that I will be aiming to reach top form at the world championships in Zolder, Belgium, and to go for a good result there.”

Coach Dirk Reuling:
“The main target for Lars will be the world championships in Zolder. The course suits him very well, as it will be same as the Zolder World Cup race, where he has won a couple of times already. For his season in general we will aim for podium finishes in both the World Cup and the Superprestige classifications. There are a lot of races, and we have decided to focus on those two classifications. The World Cup is obviously the most important, and the Superprestige races suit him well.
Last year Lars made a step up to ride with the best cyclo-crossers in the world, and we are now seeing other talents rising too, so the top is becoming broader. This season we hope to confirm that Lars consistently belongs among the world’s top racers and take whatever opportunities come in races that suit him, such as the World Cup race in Valkenburg, for example.”

04/10/2015 – Gieten, the Netherlands
11/10/2015 – Ronsse, Belgium
18/10/2015 – Valkenburg, the Netherlands
20/10/2015 – Woerden, the Netherlands
25/10/2015 – Zonhoven, Belgium
31/10/2015 – Boom, Belgium
01/11/2015 – Oudenaarde, Belgium
07/11/2015 – European Championships: Huijbergen, the Netherlands
08/11/2015 – Ruddervoorde, the Netherlands
15/11/2015 – Asper Gavere, Belgium
22/11/2015 – Koksijde, Belgium
29/11/2015 – Hame Zogge, Belgium
12/12/2015 – Mol, Belgium
13/12/2015 – Spa Francorschamps, Belgium
19/12/2015 – Antwerpen, Belgium
20/12/2015 – Namur, Belgium
26/12/2015 – Heusden Zolder, Belgium
27/12/2015 – Diegem, Belgium
01/01/2016 – Baal, Belgium
10/01/2016 – National Championships: Hellendoorn, the Netherlands
17/01/2016 – Bourges, France
23/01/2016 – Rucphen, the Netherlands
24/01/2016 – Hoogerheide, the Netherlands
31/01/2016 – World Championships: Zolder, Belgium
03/02/2016 – Maldegem, Belgium
06/02/2016 – St Niklaas, Belgium
07/02/2016 – Hoogstraten, Belgium
13/02/2016 – Middelkerke, Belgium
14/02/2016 – Heerlen, the Netherlands
21/02/2016 – Oostmalle, Belgium
24/02/2016 – Waregem, Belgium

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