Worlds: Junior Women ITT: Results

Embedded image permalink1 Chloe Dygert (United States of America) 0:20:18  
2 Emma White (United States of America) 0:01:06  
3 Anna-Leeza Hull (Australia) 0:01:26  
4 Pernille Mathiesen (Denmark) 0:01:30  
5 Juliette Labous (France) 0:01:36  
6 Aafke Soet (Netherlands) 0:01:41  
7 Daria Pikulik (Poland)  
8 Gillian Ellsay (Canada) 0:01:45  
9 Agnieszka Skalniak (Poland) 0:01:47  
10 Emeliah Harvie (Canada) 0:01:49

Chloe Dygert:
"I felt OK. This is my first hard effort in a while, I've been sick, so I didn't know what to expect. I'm happy with what I was able to do. It was a miserable ride, but I did it. I couldn't have done it without all the support from my friends and family. It was more of a mental thing of being sick and not being able to do well. The support got me to where I was today. 
Having Ina back in the car was a big help. She told me when to stay in the aero bars in a turn, what's coming up next, watch out for that pothole, we memorized the course. It was really nice to have her back there, she's a huge inspiration and she knows everything there is to know about cycling."

Emma White:
"I've been working really hard this season. I was fifth last year and I was hoping to move up. It's not real until it actually happens, so I'm really happy today. I think it was a perfect course. It challenged strength and bike handling. It really showed the true strength of a rider.

Anna-Leeza Hull:
"I loved the end, the technical section and the hill really suited me. I had to bring it home, and I knew that's where I'd make up a lot of time if I wanted to podium. I worked really hard, coming into this race is probably the best-ever preparation I've had in handling my performance anxiety, I couldn't be happier with today."

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