Worlds: Junior Men ITT Results

Embedded image permalink1. Leo Appelt (GER) 
2. Adrien Costa (USA) +17 
3. Brandon McNulty (USA) +59
4 Girdlestone +1:07 
5 Mader +1:11
6 Philipsen +1:22 
7 Larsen +1:34 
8 Foss +1:35

Leo Appelt:
"I still can't believe it. I just did my own race, and I was also surprised. Saturday's chance for another gold medal? I hope so. There's no pressure no. I can relax for the road race."

Adrien Costa:
“It’s definitely bittersweet. But it shows that I’m consistent and I’m able to be there on a course that didn’t really suit me perfectly, so I have to be happy with it. I knew it would be really, really easy to start too hard. So I made sure I started easy and was comfortable in the first part of the race. My time trial started coming back the first time across the bridge, and from there I just gave it full gas. We’ll look at the pacing and stuff afterwards. You had to keep the power on the whole way and just kind of cruise through it. It was a fun course. It was the highlight of the TT for me. Saturday? We’re all motivated to race at home, so, yeah, it should be a good show. It’s the kind of course that lends itself to aggression and breakaways and stuff, and that’s what our team does well. We’re excited for it.”

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