Worlds: Junior Women RR Results

Embedded image permalink1 Dygert 
2 White +1:23 
3 Skalniak +1:28 
4 Kajihara +1:41 
5 Andersen +1:41 
6 Balsamo +1:41 
7 Garner +1:41
8 Kastelijn +1:41 
9 Pratt +1:41 
10 Jansson +1:41

Chloe Dygert:
"When I was working with the group of four we were taking pulls and I felt pretty strong. I wasn’t really tired. I knew I had the legs and when I did go off that really wasn’t the plan, but I juts kind of looked back and had a little gap. So I thought, ‘OK, let’s just keep going.’ I didn’t celebrate on the line because want to crash. I don't know, I just don’t think there should be anything more than celebrating with your team. I was just honoured to be on the USA team and do it for the USA.”

Whatch her here:

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