Cyclocross: Ronse

Embedded image permalinkChildren running on the green grass in a warm fading sun light. A typical cross - dry - day. 
After a fast start and few  fluid first laps a four riders group takes the lead and keeps it till the finish. They are Lars van der Haar, Sven Nys, Wout van Aert and Kevin Pauwels.
The route is fast, with some technical passages. 3 laps to go Nys attacks, van der Haar on his wheel, but the group is back together and it's Pauwels' time to go, with van Aerts. This move too is neutralised.
At the start of the last lap there is a sprint on the concrete to get the best position, van Aerts speeds up while van der Haar remains on Nys' wheel loosing some terrain. Two couples form: van Aert and Pauwels in front, van der Haar and Nys chasing. 
Van Aert goes finally solo reporting another stunning victory. Another beautiful podium for Lars van der Haar who looked strong and is probably going to regret... All the season ahead!

Lars van der Haar:
“I felt good today and I was directly in the front of the race from the start, but my attempts were neutralized as the others returned. In the final lap I expected van Aert and he came. In first instance I countered his attack but I didn’t have an answer on his second attack, which shortly followed. He was gone, which was really frustrating. 
In the sprint I beat Nys, which was good for a nice podium finish. Again satisfaction and a little bit disappointment, but I return to home with a lot of confidence. Now my focus is already on Valkenburg, as my shape is good and I gain race rhythm, so we will see next week.”

1 Wout van Aert
2 Kevin Pauwels
3 Lars van der Haar
4 Sven Nys
1. Pavla Havlikova
2. Jolien Vershueren
3. Nikki Harris
4. Sanne Cant
5. Ellen Loy

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