Flandrien/ne/s 2015 (and not)

1. Flanderien: Greg Van Avermaet 
2. International Flandrien: Peter Sagan 
3. Flandrienne: Jolien D'hoore 
4. Cross Flandrien: Mathieu van der Poel

There is an article HERE  pointing out the lack of a special category for WOMEN Cross Flandrienne so that a rider like Sanne Cant in one of her best seasons can't be awarded as she would have deserved. 
Guy Fransen, Managing Sport Chief of the newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, that organises the event, says:
"First of all I want to clarify that the Flandrienne is not chosen by a jury. The ladies needs points based on their results and achievements during the road season. The girls in the cross are not eligible. We'll think about it. To make the picture complete, we would still need to add a category."
Indead! But I'm...ehm... lets say 'surprised' - or pissed off - that they didn't think about it last year, when they add a 'Cross Flandrien' for Sven Nys!

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