In Short: Carlos Betancur About his New Team Movistar

He's one of my favourites, and a wild one. He showed he can be great and also that he can be nothing. Motivation is key. And a balance between personal life and career, Colombia and Europe, family and racing. Hopefully he's going to find it with his new team. If so, fireworks are coming and I'm looking forward.

There is an interview HERE.

In Short:

Carlos Betancur:
1. My Class: “I’m happy to belong to the number one team in the world, and I believe that with a person like Eusebio UnzuĂ©, who knows me and my characteristics very well, great things are on the way for me and for Movistar. I believe that being in a team like Movistar will consolidate me as a rider. I had some problems with AG2R and that made it hard to demonstrate what class of rider I am. But now with Movistar we are going to show the class of rider that I am.”
2. Their Profesionalism: “With AG2R all the experiences were good – I think they all give you life lessons. Now with Movistar the good things continue, but in a more professional manner and knowing how to do things. They know what type of rider I am, and I think they are much more professional in what they do. I think that now things are going to be much easier.”
3. Eusebio UnzuĂ©: “Eusebio is a person who I have great repsect and admiration for, because he has had the team for many years, and he’s had great riders, the best in the world. And now he has the best team in the world. He is a person from whom I have a lot to learn and so when the opportunity came to join Movistar I didn’t think twice – I knew it was where I had to be.
4. A Better Life: As a father, as a husband, as a son, things that happen are gited by God and I believe that everything in my life is going to improve.

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