Landscape Commuting Photography (and more)

I must confess: train commuting photography is becoming my addiction. My second school is in a village near Florence and I go there by train three times a week. It also involve a short ride but the most of the trip is by train, early in the morning. It's fascinating. The landscape, monotonous and not new, surprises me at each glimpse because it's the light that makes its substance and it's different at each time every day. 
When it's sunny but the sun didn't rise yet there is a glorious red line colouring the edge of gray blue hills dotted of sleepy lights. 
When it's cloudy there is a white, thick mist all around and you can hardly see the world beyond the railway station, its burnished tracks lost in the distance. 
When it's rainy, like today, there is a net of drops on the window, adding a special filter to my pictures, all taken by mobile phone, so similar to old daguerreotypes, blurry at the edge, softly fading like watercolours.
Taking pictures keep me awake, together with reading. I'm often very tired in this period, probably because I'm not happy with my job. The commuting part tends to be the best of it. Then of course teaching gives me a profesional satisfation because I'm good at it and I know. Still it isn't what I'd like to do for a living, but on that I'm still working... 
Finally I'm often tired because I attend a Flamenco class twice a week in the evening. Fascinating as well, this gypsy dance is demanding, physically and mentally. It requires a speed and a readiness in changing pace that dfinitely aren't my cup of tea. However, I'm delighted to exhaust myself  because it makes me feel good, alive and cheerful.
I ride my bike in the rain and even enjoy to, but let me say that the cycling season is really over here: if temperatures are still mild, rain is daily. Not fun when you have to spend a few hours in school and you can't change your clothes. I work on Saturday now and it forced me to move the Firenze Cycling MeetUp ride to the afternoon, but it didn't work so far because it has been pourring rain every time!
I miss country, wild nature and the outdoor life, and that's probably a reason for my landscape photography addiction while commuting by train.

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