Campbell Flakemore Left BMC and Procycling

Campbell Flakemore
...and of course I understand as I always do with young guys and girls who allow themseves to feel and accept what makes them happy, and what doesn't.
You must. We all must. We shouldn't stay in a situation just because it 'happened' to us, even if it has got a bright side. 
Nothing can compensate the feeling of waste, frustration and gultyness derivating from a role we don't fit in. 
We have got just one life, we must be happy now. Tomorrow it's late. What we feel being our way, we must walk immediatelly because 'later' could not exist.
We can be surprised when a talented guy or girl leaves the sport, but when he or she does that with a clear idea of what he or she wants to be or not, we can just congratulate him or her and wish good luck. He's a brave: you must be to allow yourself your authentic life.

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Campbell Flakemore:
“The amount of work and sacrifice required to get to that level and be a Grand Tour winner, people that aren’t in cycling have no idea what it takes. I don’t really see myself being able to do that and make all those sacrifices to be a top rider [...] I did have guys around me like Nathan Earle and Caleb [Ewan], who was living quite close, but there was a lot of times when you were by yourself and, yeah, it just wasn’t for me. I asked myself, do I envisage doing this for the next 10 years? The answer was no."

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