Cyclocross: FED UP! next stop, Belgium.

By Bansky
Not my best days. What happened in Paris didn't upset me more than what happened everyday elsewhere but I'm fed up. 
I'm quite fed up about 'we are in a war', 'it's a wat' etc. I'm in NO WAR, I'm not a soldier and don't mean to be. Capitalists do wars, and they do money with it. Workers die in war and remain as poor as they were before. That's NO NEW. That's the old shit. What's new is people's ignorance. 
I was born in 1974 and at that time people used to understand what CLASS CONFLICT is and even where they belonged to in it. Now I see just a blabling about how evil 'they' are or how good or worried or angry 'we' are. Moralism never made a good politics and while you judge and give marks around capitalists keep doing money on people's sufference, you included. Is it so hard to understand that workers have the same interests in Europe like in Asia or Africa or Oceania? Capitalists are together in doing wars and exploting people and workers follow like cows! that's a shame."
As a worker I'm striking for a decent salary and a fix job in school but the Italian Gov is busyier talking money with South Arabia -  where protesters get crucifixed and women can't drive a car - than listening to teachers and students. Fascism sounds very popular amongh my fellow cows... ehm! citizens: people's conversations are full of racism and violence against each other, full of blinf hate very useful for who has got the power. 
All very sad, frustrating, desperating. Nobody can change it but us, those same people I see in such a human degradation. Lot of work to do and I feel very tired. 
I decided to waste some of my few money in a long, exciting cyclocross Xmas holyday. My son frakly said it was time to book it and I did: 12/24-1/1, Charleroi - Namur - Leuven - Zolder - Diegem - Antwerp - Loenhout - Ostend - Bredene - Bruges - Gent - Charleroi. Then we'll see if we come back.

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Anonymous said...

That's the most insane things I've heard. Anti-capitalism is for childish 15 year olds boys.

Capitalists saved your favorite sport by pumping money into it.