Cyclocross: Jaarmarktcross in Niel

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Note the jersey ;)
The cross in the factory. A rude one.
As far as women: another stunning solo victory by my lady Sanne Cant! No words!
Must be said that Helen Wyman crashed out.
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As far as Men: one lap gone and Nys' already leading: no gap but others' faces say it all. 
No Wout and no Lars. Tom Meeusen keeps the wheel when Sven speeds up. L. Sweeck chases and joins.
Behind:  D.Sweeck  at 12". Boros, Vantornout, Van der Poel, Merlier and  Simunek  at 18".
Suddenly a small mistake and Nys goes down, on Sweeks' way. Both are back in the chassing group and Meeusen is leading solo.
7 laps to go Meeusen's first chasers are L.Sweeck and Merlier at 10". Then Nys, D.Sweeck, Simunek, and Pauwels come at 15". D. van den Poel was in this group too but got a mechanical problem. Nys and Pauwels are giving it all and manage to join L.Sweeck and Merlier. Four men chasing, still Meeusen goes.
6 laps to go and Merlier is dropped. Instead Nys, Pauwels and Sweeck joined Meeusen. 5 laps to go Pauwels attacks, Meeusen on his wheel. Sven Nys is at the back of this group and a new small mistake up the climb brings him down again: the big favourite for the day doesn't look very focused...
Now Pauwels has got a gap. 4 laps to go his gap is about 20''. On the line Nys joins and drops Meeusen. Nys wants this race but Meeusen doesn't let him go. Pauwels runs, they bunnyhop. 3 laps to go Pauwels' advantage is still the same and he dares to bunnyhope. Nys and Meeusen are chasing together... but fighting already for 2nd.
Pauwels wins solo. Meeusen masters the sand pit but let Nys get first on the tarmac. At the sprint Meeusen takes 2nd by a powerful progression. Not Nys' day.


1. Sanne Cant,
2. Jolien Verschueren,
3. Nikki Harris
1. Kevin Pauwels
2. Tom Meeusen
3. Sven Nys
6.Jens Adams,

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