Farwell My Bike!

My bike got stolen last Friday. It was my commuter's bike, and a good one. Not expensive, not fussy. Just a frame and two wheels. A nice race bike frame, but old and rusted. Fatter wheels. Nothing else: no fender, no rack, no basket.
Sure I'm sorry. On Saturday I had to ride to work on my race bike... not ideal. And I had to buy two big locks. The stolen one was locked of course, by a big lock: I find it neither.
By a side I can't complain, because I had had this bike for almost ten years, that in Florence is a kind of record. My ex hub had bought it  second hand for himself, when his mbk had been stolen - you see! - but the frame was too small for him and quite good for me. We shared great moments, my bike and I. Lets remember it all muddy on the path by the river and not parked at a dirty urban barrier while I pay my slave contribute to Capitalism- yep, that is, even in a pubblic school.
Now I need a new bike and I think I'll buy a second hand mbk, so I can use it also in the country. Lets look forward...

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