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That was in Rome. Yes I'm short, you already know :) 
There is an interview here.

In Short:

1. Tough :Rio is a goal. but it’s going to be super tough as neither me nor [GB teammate] Steve [Cummings] finished top ten in Richmond [the World Championships time trial], so we didn’t secure that extra place.”

2. A stupid rule: "The time triallist has to take part in the road race. It’s like asking Usain Bolt to do the 400 as well as the 200 and the 100. It’s supposed to be the pinnacle of the sport, but putting in a rule like that dilutes the Olympics. A one hour test is very different to a six-hour race. But…c’est la vie. [...] The time trial sits in between the road and the track, which is again why it should be an event in its own entity. [...] I’m up against Froome for Olympic selection, and at the moment, based on past performances, I wouldn’t take me. So I’ve got some work to do to prove I’m worthy for the spot. At the moment, though, I’m not thinking beyond the Olympics. The Tour of Britain, the World Championships, the usual I guess…if I do get to shed the weight, it might open up a whole lot of new doors as to what I’m capable of doing well in. Like the [2014] Tour of Britain, I lost that because of Ditchling Beacon, because of a climb. So who’s to say I can’t turn that around a little bit?”
Giro 2013
3. A winter of work: “I’m going to give it everything. I’ve got to lose some weight if I want to be competitive there, start shedding muscle but maintain the power, to an extent like what Wiggins and Tom Dumoulin did, although not to the same extent. Doing that is going to be a tough winter. Obviously nothing’s selected yet, but to my mind the best way would be to win time trials in the Giro d’Italia. Certainly the Chianti one, there’s quite a bit of elevation, perhaps one that could help me in that [Olympic] selection.
My build up to the season will be polar opposites to the winter last year, because of the UCI Hour Record. This week I’ll take myself off to the Canary Islands for two weeks and another three weeks in January…It’s funny, all the Brits go to the south of Spain in the winter and that’s when all the Spaniards go to the Canary Islands, so I thought I’d just leapfrog the process and go straight down there. But no Mount Teide: the heat will help get the weight off, and the wind, and just getting the miles in.”

4. Team Movistar (and Team Sky): “Movistar is a good place to be for that. There are no egos, everybody rides for each other and it’s not as regimented as I felt it was in my time at Team Sky, but [at Movistar] it works. It really does work. I remember my first team time trial at Movistar. Like Team Sky you’d know what position you were going to be, how many turns you’d be doing…Movistar we were riding up to the start line and they told us over the radios which order we were going to race in. I was there thinking ‘this is going to be a shambles’ but then we ran second to Quick Step. Movistar’s way of doing things had its own advantages. Because it’s a little looser, nobody’s afraid to do a small turn or do a much bigger turn. And that showed in our World Championships this year, a guy like Jash Sutterlin, I kind of stuck my neck out and said he should be in the team. Unlike last year where he went out of the blocks like a greyhound, sat on 600 Watts for two minutes twice and was out half way through, this year I worked with him a bit and you could see that if he was nervous, he wasn’t scared, he rode incredibly well. We’ve got some really great bike riders here, they’re intelligent, they just know how to race and what to do. Morale is good, the staff are super friendly, there are no egos, everybody gets stuck in, I like it.”

5. Tour or Giro?: “I’m more thinking about the Olympics but my role at the Tour was to deliver Nairo and Valverde in stressful situations, something I did well until I crashed, and I did mediocrely after I crashed. If Eusebio says the boys want you there at the Tour, that changes the dynamic again and we’ll work to that. All I’ve said is, from a selfish point of view, how best I can get selected for the Olympics sits well with the Giro d’Italia. But if they sit down and say it’s the Tour de France, I’ll be doing that.”

6. About victories: "The 2013 Giro time trial win as kind of a blur. Brad [Wiggins] had been recce-ing it and he told me whoever won it would do so by three or four minutes because it was so hard so I wrote myself off. It’s funny in cycling, the best wins are the ones you don’t expect because you actually enjoy them. The ones that you aim for, it’s more a relief than elation. The Commonwealth Games is a classic example, in Delhi [in 2010] I got second and that was completely unexpected so I was thrilled with that, and then in Glasgow it was only gold I was interested in, but when I got it, it was more a relief."

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