Pieter Serry Crashed: Etixx-QS Press Release

"Pieter Serry crashed Sunday morning during a mountain bike ride in Belgium, near his home. He hit a hole in the trail and lost control of his bike, crashing into the ground, with his face as the primary point of impact. He was immediately transported to the Hospital of Tielt, where he was later diagnosed with a basal skull fracture, a broken tooth, and several superficial wounds. Despite the severity of the crash, the injuries do not require surgery. He will, however, require cervical immobilization for at least six weeks." 

Pieter Serry:
"Today was just really bad luck. I was riding on the gravel, in a straight road. I lost control in a hole and I crashed. I'm really sad as it's another crash during my season, but the first one that is really the result of anything I did. My previous crashes were in situations where I was not directly involved, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I really need to recover as soon as I can, and I hope to turn the page on the 2015 season and start 2016 in a better way." 

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