A Belgian Break 8: Gypsies in Brugge and NYE in Gent

I start feeling sad. My break-away in Belgium is about to end, I'm really satisfied about my job but have no will at all to g back to Italy. I already miss the cyclocross and all the nice people I met here. One day it's too short when you waited so long and in the end you have nothing to say, or too much.
The year is ending too. Not a good one for me and I'm happy to let it behind. I came to celebrate it here in Gent, far from everything and a little random. This morning we woke up in a rainy but sunny Oostende, icely cold. We took the train to Brugge and spent there the morning: I had been already in this town many years ago and must say it's still charming... but too much touristic. It's always sad when people sell their own city, and living in Florence I well know this. The center was very crowded, Michelangelo's Madonna very sweet, severe and thoughtful like an ancient greek statue, but the best moment of the day was in the peaceful Beginage, white and green, silent, far from the world. Walking by the canal I could feel the history of the town slowly going with the stream: the passed day of Brugge grandeur, the long centuries of abandon, the new life as a touristic aim... It kept a flavour of lost land.
We arrived in Gent in the afternoon, had a look to the city center and finally rest in our home for the night, not far from the rail station. Our guest is a very nice Belgian guy and he invited us to celebrate the New Years Eve with him and his friends: good food, good beer, then in the street counting for the last midnight of the year. In a foreing country, with strange people... But that's my life: I don't belong. Now you know.

Happy New Year!

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