A Belgian Break

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Honestly, I need a break. The last months have been crap for me and I can hardly remember the last time I really had fun. Some weeks ago I excaped to the mountains but it was a very short holyday and I spent a lot of time traveling. By the way, I came to the conclusion that I was born to live outdoor: when I must stay all the day indoor I always get sick... 
In add this year and for several reasons my Summer holyday has been very stressful. Since September I have been very busy at work because I have a full job in two different schools and one of them isn't in Florence. This job is sometimes very rewarding but often frustrating and always demanding. Today I had my last lesson: a cooperative learning work in groups about the anthropological roots of Christmas holyday, linked to the cult of the sun and the winter solstice. My students diligently wrote, coloured and glued for two hours (in two classes so four hours total for me)... listening to techno music and occasionally singing loud.  Not too bad.
But what definitely made my day was a message by Klaas Vantornout thanking me for my last article. I'm really honoured and looking forward to see him-  and Lars van der Haar of course - ... in Belgium! 
Because now it's close: we leave tomorrow morning at 5 am. We are going to spent the Christmas day in Namur - one week late, I know! - then we'll go to Leuven to attend to the races in Zolder and Diegem - where I'm expected to finally meet again Angus Edmond for a beer and a chat. The next stop will be Antwerpen, for the race in Loenhout and finally Ostende for the race in Brendene. We are going to celebrate the New Year Eve in Gent.
I'm quite excited and still have to pack. It's going to be a crack! Contact me on twitter if you are there too :)

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