ASO vs UCI: World Tour or not?

Risultati immagini per asoAbout the ASO's decision there is an article HERE.
That's the UCI's reply:

"The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) takes note of the intention of Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) to register its currently registered UCI WorldTour events as Hors Classe on the UCI calendar for 2017.

The reform of men’s professional road cycling, which will enable sensible and gradual evolution of this important part of our sport, was approved by the Professional Cycling Council (PCC) in June and ratified by the UCI Management Committee in September.

Risultati immagini per UCIIt has been developed over two years of very detailed and open dialogue and consultation amongst a diverse group of stakeholders, including race organisers, teams and riders. The reform will offer stability for all, and will allow our sport to grow sustainably while
protecting the interests of existing stakeholders.

The UCI remains committed to implementing the reforms which were agreed as part of this extensive consultation process and which the UCI believes properly balances the interests of all those involved in professional cycling."

Christian Prudhomme:
"Weighing down the WorldTour schedule will prevent the biggest teams and riders from competing in events other than those of the World calendar in the future.Take the example of Vincenzo Nibali, winner of three Grand Tours. In September he raced the Coppa Bernocchi and won. It's great. Compelling the teams to race a WorldTour schedule overloaded in racing days will leave no room for this. Similarly, Thibaut Pinot racing a Tour du Doubs." 

CPA press release:
"The association of the riders was in fact in favor of the new Reform but as long as all stakeholders, including the organizers, were also in favor of the it. The CPA has noticed in recent weeks that the organizers and especially the ASO, are unwilling to accept the new guidelines of the UCI which are radically different from the original project. The association of the riders expressly asks the UCI to open the dialogue with all parties who have a sincere desire to participate constructively in the Reform of cycling, to give our sport the respect it deserves."

My opinion... well... I'm uncertain: I don't like the World Tour as I didn't like the Pro Tour, I'd prefer an open system with teams free to 'earn' their partecipation in the big events and races' organisers forced to 'deserve' the big teams presence. By the other hand it's true that teams need to plann in time their calendar to prepare riders and to attract sponsors. Maybe the UCI ranking could be used for this purpose? In any case riders look the weak part in the game. Like always.

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