A Belgian Break 2: La Citadelle

This morning it was pouring rain, we could hear the big drops on the roof in our room at the last storey of this ancient Belgian house and decided to take it easy. We had a good breakfast, I chatted a little with Angus Edmond who is based near Roubaix and around 10 am  we exit our confort zone.
This house is just at the foot of the Citadel, very close to the cyclocross area. If the race was today the riders found a lots of mud! 
We walked up slowly but steadily under our umbrellas loving the view and the fortress. Nobody in sight. Silence. A magical misty atmosphere.
Atop there is a splendid restaurant, not exactly cheap but worth of it. We ate a tasty Belgian lunch enjoying a beautiful view of the Namur.
Shops were almost all closed when we walked down to the center. We went to the rail station and bought our tickets for tomorrow, then we just strolled around.
I love Namur. Its paved narrow streets are charming especially in the Christmas lights. It isn't a big city and it has nothing of the grandeur of some similar ancient town. It kept a sober medieval soul in spite the most of it is more recent. Saint-Loup church is gorgeous and severe, Saint Aubain Cathedral impressive in its white baroque decorations.
We ended the day in a rich café on Place d'armes sipping a tea. Now back at 'home': tomorrow it's Zolder and another early start.

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