Cyclocross: The Battle of Namur

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Eli Iserbyt
That's one of my favourite races! Simply epic, no matter what. It's usually said that riders make the race but in this case the race always crowns a champion so in a way it makes him or her a true rider. Not just hard, somehow elegant, brutal as well, Namur is special. 
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Jappe Jaspers
I'm sad to say I have to watch it on streaming again: I'll be in Belgium in few days but am not there today. I'm glad to see that Eli Iserbyt won the U23 Men race. As far as the Junior Men, Jappe Jaspers was first on the line.
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Nikki Harris
Now it's time for me to get a little lunch, looking forwatd to the Elite Women race and to the big battle amongh the Elite Men, where I expect to see Lars van der Haar taking his revenge and Angus Edmond flying. 
Embedded image permalinkI'm back! Nikki Harris dominated the Elite Women race while Sanne Cant - injuried - is out the top ten so Eva Lechner gets the lead in the WC overall.

Nikki Harris:
“I can’t quite believe it, I’ve dreamt of winning a World Cup for so long, I’m so happy. Every lap I was just counting it down. But I knew if I could keep pushing at my own pace, I could take the win.”

Embedded image permalinkThere we go! Men race on and a great start for Sven Nys who's just killing it. Wout van Aert only can stay with him. 
Fortunately for the show, they get caught and it's a large front group up and down Namur's wall. Lars van der Haar and Tom Meeusen are looking good.
Toon Aerts attakcs forcing everybody to rock this descent. 7 laps to go he has got a slight gap. On the line van Kessel retires. Michael Vanthourenhout is also out with a brocken chain.
Embedded image permalinkSven Nys is showing incredible things again, both climbing and descending. 
6 laps to go the front group is back together, they are:  van Aert, Aerts, Nys, Pauwels, Boros, Venturini, van der Haar and Van der Poel.
Embedded image permalinkLars van der Haar decides it's time to attacks and takes the lead. 5 laps to go van der Haar attacks again! he falls in a corner but is back on bike and keeps the lead. Of course no gap now.
A small mistake costs van der Haar a few positions in favour of van Aert and van der Poel. It seems that crash had consequences because van der Haar is slowing down. 
Embedded image permalinkMeanwhile Kevin Pauwels joined the leaders, Venturini is chasing solo at 13". At 30" there are Nys, Vantornout, Boros, van der Haar and Aerts.
3 laps to go Venturini is at 18''. Lars van der Haar is pulling the chasing group and gaining time. Everybody dropped but Klaas Vanturnout, Lars van der Haar is coming close. 2 laps to go he's at 21', Venturini at 13'. Van der Poel attacks but can't get any gap. Venturini caught , van der Haar tries to go solo: not easy!
Embedded image permalinkLast lap: Pauwels, van Aert and van der Poel leading, van der Haar and Vanturnout at 20'. Of course Klaas isn't helping because Puwels is his team mate. Still... Van der Poel keeps attacking, van Aert resists but can't beat him at the sprint and Kevin Pauwels is dropped. Behind Klaas Vantornout is 4th, Lars van der Haar 5th.
Embedded image permalinkWout van Aert keeps the lead in the WC overall.
Angus Edmond finished 68  5 laps down. 

Lars van der Haar:
Embedded image permalink"5th in Namur. Not the result I came for. Feel a bit disappointed in myself Stupid crash. On too the next. Keep fighting! Thanks to the fans!"
"I felt good, but unfortunately I faced some bad luck today. After my attack I crashed at a bad moment. I had a difficult lap and ran into a counter. I had difficulties to regain my rhythm and the podium was gone.
I chased alone and fourth place would be possible. But in the final lap I had a bad technical section so Klaas [Vantornout] passed me. 
Not the result I was aiming for but the shape is good. I didn’t feel my shoulder during the race. I will continue to train good and we move on to next week’s World Cup Heusden Zolder.”

Mathieu van der Poel:
“I’m enormously happy. This is one of my best victories, especially after my injury. This is what excites people, winning a duel against these two top riders. This is why I do this, why I started doing cyclo-cross.
I was already over the limit when I passed Wout before the off-camber section. I was totally dead. When he sat I did so too. Then I stood while I wasn’t able too. Surprisingly enough there was more left in the tank than I thought.”
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Wout van Aert:
“It was close. In the last lap it was about timing your attack right. He did that slightly better than me. I went too early on that last climb and felt lactic acid filling up my legs. When he attacked I didn’t have a reply. It was a good battle. In the World Cup it was close before this round but I did a good job today.”


Junior Men
1 Jappe Jaspers (Belgium)
2 Jens Dekker (Netherlands)
3 Tanguy Turgis (France)
4 Spencer Petrov (USA)
5 Seppe Rombouts (Belgium)
6 Gage Hecht (USA)
7 Florian Vermeersch (Belgium)
8 Kevin Kuhn (Switzerland) 
9 Toon Vandebosch (Belgium)
10 Edoardo Xillo (Italy)
U23 Men
1 Eli Iserbyt (Belgium)
2 Gioele Bertolini (Italy)
3 Quinten Hermans (Belgium)
4 Clement Russo (France)
5 Daan Soete (Belgium)
6 Nicolas Cleppe (Belgium)
7 Yannick Peeters (Belgium)
8 Sieben Wouters (Netherlands)
9 Lucas Dubau (France)
10 Martijn Budding (Netherlands)
Elite Women
1 Nikki Harris (GBr) 0:42:15
2 Caroline Mani (Fra) 0:00:10
3 Eva Lechner (Ita) 0:00:32
4 Katherine Compton (USA) 0:00:39
5 Ellen Van Loy (Bel) 0:00:58
6 Sophie de Boer (Ned) 0:01:05
7 Jolien Verschueren (Bel) 0:01:22
8 Helen Wyman (GBr) 0:01:37
9 Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) 0:01:43
10 Maud Kaptheijns (Ned) 0:01:55
10 KAPTHEIJNS Maud NED19940928 +01:55
11 HAVLIKOVA Pavla CZE19830420 +02:08
12 NUÑO PALACIO Aida ESP19831124 LOINTEK TEAM +02:10
14 CANT Sanne BEL19901008 +02:22
16 STULTIENS Sabrina NED19930708 TEAM LIV-PLANTUR +02:40
17 VAN DEN DRIESSCHE Femke BEL19960827 +02:52
18 NOBLE Ellen USA19951203 +02:58
19 VANDERBEKEN Joyce BEL19840826 +02:58
20 MILLER Amanda USA19861213 +03:14
21 SELS Loes BEL19850725 +03:41
22 HEIGL Nadja AUT19960215 +03:54
24 TEOCCHI Chiara ITA19961208 BIANCHI I.IDRO DRAIN +04:03
25 PAYTON Hannah GBR19940323 +04:03
26 WHITE Emma USA19970823 +04:10
27 ARZUFFI Alice Maria ITA19941119 INPA SOTTOLI GIUSFREDI +04:15
28 BRANDAU Elisabeth GER19851216 +04:15
30 BOUTELOUP Laure FRA19801006 +04:32
31 DYCK Mical CAN19820211 +04:38
32 LABOUS Juliette FRA19981104 +04:46
33 ERLANDSSON Asa Maria SWE19740130 +04:53
34 CRUMPTON Bethany GBR19940610 +04:59
35 McFADDEN Courtenay USA19850323 +05:08
36 MIKULASKOVA Martina CZE19930813 +05:11
37 KEMMERER Arley USA19840223 +05:13
38 NOSKOVA Nikola CZE19970701 +05:23
40 MELLOR Amira GBR19971022 +05:36
42 VERHESTRAETEN Karen BEL19910423 +05:40
44 PETIT Marlene FRA19910401 +06:36
45 OOSTERMAN Esmee NED19961008 +06:41
46 CLAUZEL Helene FRA19980125 +06:44
47 PACIOS PUJADO Mercedes ESP19830330 +06:50
48 MUZIC Evita FRA19990526 +07:08
50 BAKKER Manon NED19990715 +07:24
51 VERDONSCHOT Laura BEL19961204 +07:47
52 EDVARDSSON Angelica SWE19890829 +08:04
53 ODRIOZOLA MUJIKA Olatz ESP19830330 +08:27
54 KLOPPENBURG Margriet Helena DEN19880118 -1LAP
55 COLIN Eva FRA19930202 -1LAP
56 LAMBRACHT Jessica GER19950701 -1LAP
57 MOHR Tiril NOR19940611 -1LAP
58 TRABAZO BRAGADO Irene ESP19981026 –1LAP
59 GODART Suzie LUX19620720 -1LAP
60 REDMOND Natalie AUS19910804 -2LAP
61 CARRASCOSA Monica ESP19720621 -2LAP
62 RAUSCH Lina GER19980611 -2LAP
63 SCHWAGER Mara GER19820729 -2LAP
Elite Men
1 Mathieu Van Der Poel (Ned) Bkcp-Corendon 1:02:43
2 Wout Van Aert (Bel) Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace Continental 0:00:01
3 Kevin Pauwels (Bel) Sunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team 0:00:07
4 Klaas Vantornout (Bel) Sunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team 0:00:42
5 Lars Van Der Haar (Ned) Team Giant - Alpecin 0:00:58
6 Toon Aerts (Bel) Telenet - Fidea Cycling Team 0:01:00
7 Clement Venturini (Fra) Cofidis 0:01:01
8 Sven Nys (Bel) 0:01:40
9 Julien Taramarcaz (Swi) Era Real Estate - Murprotec 0:01:49
10 Thijs Van Amerongen (Ned) Telenet - Fidea Cycling Team 0:01:50
11 MERLIER Tim BEL19921030 VASTGOEDSERVICE – GOLDEN PALACE CONTINENTAL TEAM +01:55 12 BOROS Michael CZE19920809 BKCP-CORENDON +02:01 13 SWEECK Laurens BEL19931217 ERA REAL ESTATE – MURPROTEC +02:30 14 MEEUSEN Tom BEL19881107 TELENET – FIDEA CYCLING TEAM +02:48 15 CHAINEL Steve FRA19830906 +02:58 16 SWEECK Diether BEL19931217 ERA REAL ESTATE – MURPROTEC +03:02 17 SIMUNEK Radomir CZE19830906 ERA REAL ESTATE – MURPROTEC +03:07 18 PEETERS Rob BEL19850702 VASTGOEDSERVICE – GOLDEN PALACE CONTINENTAL TEAM +03:08 19 VERMEERSCH Gianni BEL19921119 SUNWEB – NAPOLEON GAMES CYCLING TEAM +03:11 20 GODRIE Stan NED19930109 RABOBANK DEVELOPMENT TEAM +03:15 21 MEISEN Marcel GER19890108 +03:27 22 MOUREY Francis FRA19801208 FORTUNEO – VITAL CONCEPT +03:46 23 HYDE Stephen USA19870310 ASTELLAS CYCLING TEAM +03:55 24 VANDEKINDEREN Jens BEL19930430 TELENET – FIDEA CYCLING TEAM +03:59 25 ZAHNER Simon SUI19830306 +03:59 26 BAESTAENS Vincent BEL19890618 BKCP-CORENDON +04:08 27 ESTEBAN Ismael ESP19830916 +04:09 28 HARING Martin SVK19861224 CK BANSKA BYSTRICA +04:14 29 WILDHABER Marcel SUI19850517 SCOTT-ODLO MTB RACING TEAM +04:24 30 WINTERBERG Lukas SUI19880504 +04:53 31 POWERS Jeremy USA19830629 +05:09 32 FIELD Ian GBR19860618 +05:29 33 WUBBEN Niels NED19880220 TELENET – FIDEA CYCLING TEAM +05:42 34 FLUCKIGER Lukas SUI19840131 BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM +05:54 35 WEBER Sascha GER19880223 CCT p/b CHAMPION SYSTEM +06:06 36 AERNOUTS Jim BEL19890323 TELENET – FIDEA CYCLING TEAM +06:09 37 VAN DEN BRAND Twan NED19890122 CYCLINGTEAM JO PIELS +06:27 38 GADRET John FRA19790422 MOVISTAR TEAM +06:32 39 PETRUS Lubomir CZE19900717 -1LAP 40 SCHWEIZER Michael (JR) GER19910705 -1LAP 41 MOSER Andreas SUI19840122 -2LAP 42 NIPL Vojtech CZE19930114 -2LAP 43 SAEGESSER Severin SUI19920711 -2LAP 44 LIVERMON Travis USA19880402 TEAM SMARTSTOP -2LAP 45 GIL Mariusz POL19830506 -2LAP 46 MARTIN Jeremy CAN19920525 -2LAP 47 VAN DEN HAM Michael CAN19920802 -2LAP 48 WALSLEBEN Philipp GER19871119 BKCP-CORENDON -3LAP 49 BAUSCH Gusty LUX19800225 -3LAP 50 MARECAILLE Antonin FRA19920707 -3LAP 51 HELMIG Christian LUX19810517 TEAM DIFFERDANGE – LOSCH -3LAP 52 KYZIVAT Vladimir CZE19820322 -3LAP 53 SCHOOLER Aaron CAN19850620 -3LAP 54 SAMPARISI Nicolas ITA19920401 -3LAP 55 OLDHAM Paul GBR19770905 -3LAP 56 SAGUES PORTABELLA Ramon ESP19780424 -3LAP 57 LASAK Matej CZE19920501 -3LAP 58 DIDIER Anthonin FRA19930829 -4LAP 59 MCCONNELL Mark CAN19881002 -4LAP 60 WILDHABER Michael SUI19900222 -4LAP 61 BETALU Josep ESP19771021 -4LAP 62 HEKELE Emil CZE19770331 -4LAP 63 MORABITO Massimo LUX19930225 LEOPARD DEVELOPMENT TEAM -4LAP 64 ARREGUI DOMINGUEZ Asier ESP19781130 -4LAP 65 MOUGEL Damien FRA19851009 -4LAP 66 SAMPARISI Lorenzo ITA19930821 MERIDA ITALIA TEAM -4LAP 67 MILLBURN Garry AUS19870202 -4LAP 68 EDMOND Angus NZL19760203 -5LAP 69 HARALDSETH Fredrik NOR19920223 -5LAP 70 MARION Robert USA19820127 -5LAP

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