Cyclocross: Zilvermeercross in Mol

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As far as Elite Women, injuried Sanne Cant wasn't racing and Jolien Verschueren won.
As far as Elite Men: Laurens Sweeck is leading, from the gun while Lars van der Haar isn't in the top ten: "he slipped his second or third pedal stroke and found himself behind a whole row of tall people" (hitchlessly ‏@cgbaldwin).
Mathieu van der Poel immediatelly attaks. It's a fast race.
No gaps after the first lap: van Aert crosses the line first with van der Poel and L.Sweeck.
Embedded image permalinkTom Meeusen speeds up and shows how you bunny hop. Still no serious gap. In the fron group therevan Aert, both the van der Poel bros, Sweeck, Nys, Meeusen, Aernouts, Rob and Yannick Peeters, Hoeyberghs and Walsleben. Van der haar is in the race - I spotted him - but way behind.
M. van der Poel attacks again and van Aert follows. 7 laps to go they have got a gap. The chasing group split:  L.Sweeck, Aernouts, Meeusen and D. van der Poel are at 10", Walsleben, Rob Peeters, Hoeyberghs, D.Sweeck, Nys and van der Haar at 18". 
Embedded image permalinkL.Sweeck didn't give up and is back with the leaders van der Poel and van Aert. The chasing groups are back together, van der Haar included. 
In front van Aert opens the gas and breaks away. But they don't let him go. It's a full dispaly of technique and boldness. Sweeck is outstanding hanging on these two!
5 laps to go Rob Peeters and Tom Meeusen are the first chasers, at 15". Lar van der Haar is in a 3rd group pulled by Sven Nys. They probably slowed down a bit in front and the chasers manage to join. L.Sweeck attacks. Now Nys is close too.
4 laps to go van der Haar and  Hoeyberghs are the first chasers of a large front group, 11'' down. They join. The race is open again!
3 laps to go Nys and van der Haar are slightly dropped again while L.Sweeck is leading the frong group. Van Aert speeds up and surprisingly van der Poel looses contact. Sweeck, Meeusen and Peeters resist. 
2 laps to go van Aert crosses the line solo. The first chaser is L.Sweeck  at 10". Then Van der Poel and Meeusen come, at 20", Peeters at 22", Nys at 25". 
Last lap: Wout van Aert comes solo, then L.Sweeck, the van der Poel, and I guess this is the podium. In this order? In the sandy climb van der Poel joins and drops L. Sweeck. No sprint: Wout van Aert wins solo showing an S by his hands to dedicate his victory to his gf Sarah, the van der Poel, then Sweeck. Lars van der Haar finishes on 7th place: not so bad after such an unfortunate start...

Lars van der Haar:
"AU. Hard race at Mol. Bad start as I unclipped. Whole race in the defense. Not my best race. Legs hurt. On too tomorrow!!"

Sven Nys: 
"All the race long I was having tomorrow in my head"


Junior Men
1. Jarne Driesen
2.Toon Vandebosch,
3. Arne Vrachten.
Elite Women
1.Jolien Verschueren,
2.Sabrina Stultiens,
3.Sanne van Paassen
Elite Men
1.Van Aert,
2.M.Van der Poel,
7.Van der Haar,

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