Procycling: Klaas Lodewyck finds a new role at BMC

Pic by  ©TDWsport.com 
He's just 27 but a medical issue forced him to retire last summer. 

Klaas Lodewyck:
“After all the problems I had last year, it’s a new opportunity and a new chance so I’m really happy. I had to stop (cycling) now, so young at only 27. For me, there are still some dreams that I would love to reach that are not possible anymore. So I want to help the young guys, help them develop as well as possible and help them to reach their dreams.”

He found a new role as DS in the BMC Development Team, that includes riders Eisenhart, Taylor (USA), Kilian Frankiny (SUI), Müller, Patrick (SUI), Spengler, Lukas (SUI), Tietema, Bas (NDL), Van Hooydonck, Nathan (BEL) and the new entries Appelt, Leo (GER), Dobbs, Sam (NZL), Eenkhoorn, Pascal (NDL), Lienhard, Fabian (SUI), Mostov, Ezekiel (USA), Spengler, Mario (SUI), Schäppi, Martin (SUI), Sivakov, Pavel (RUS/FRA), Swirbul, Keegan (USA), Welten, Bram (NDL).

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