Cyclocross: World Championship in Zolder 2

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U23 Men race: Toupalik rises his arms... one laps to go!  Eli Iserbyt instead rises his arms at the right time: World Champion! Amazing race.
Italian Bertolini crashed downhill when he was in front and finished 7th.

Embedded image permalinkEli Iserbyt:
“My legs weren’t great at the start… I kept my focus… I knew [Toupalik] wasn’t that good anymore so it worked out perfectly.” 
Embedded image permalink“I didn’t expect it; early on I was really bad. My heart rate was five beats lower than usual. In the end, I saw Toupalik raising his hands one lap too early and I realized his best strengths were gone. Then, on the last lap, I started to believe in it and found my good legs again. I knew Toupalik’s focus was gone, even though he bridged back up. I had to await the sprint. That’s right. I died three to four times, but I also started to get stressed because of the crowd. My ears were hurting. Luckily we had a moment of silence at the Sacramentsberg.”
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Adam Toupalik:
Embedded image permalink“I’m probably the biggest idiot in the world. During the penultimate lap I thought it was the last lap, and I heard somebody shouting ‘last lap’ at me, but it was the penultimate lap. It was my mistake. I lose the world title. I raised my hands, but that’s sport. I learned that I have to keep my focus and check the numbers.”

The Elite Men race is about to start.
Off they are, fast and hard. Five riders have a slight gap: van der Haar is there with van der Poel and van Aerts. These three attack and go away together. Not even one lap yet!
The chasing group is led by Simunek. Troubles for Tom Meeusen instead who got a mechanical.
It's raining and van Aert attacks. The two Dutch riders follow. They don't let him go.
Embedded image permalinkNow Kevin Pauwels and Laurens Sweek bridge to the front group. It's very muddy!
Five laps to go Lars van der Haar attacks and splits the front group again! Back together and Sven Nys joins. He races aggresively and is quickly second in the front troup.
Embedded image permalinkLars van der Haar took an higher line on a camber section and gained some positions. Nys attacks and gets a gap.
Back together on the line, 4 laps to go the front group includes van Aert, van der Poel, van der Haar, Pauwels, Sweeck and Nys.  Tom Meeusen and D.van der Poel are at 10", Venturini and Simunek  at 20".
Meeusen and D. van der Poel joined.
Meanwhile the UCI is checking bikes at the pits...
Embedded image permalinkOMG! M. van der Poel almost fell on van Aert and one of his feet gets stucked in the Belgian's front wheel! Lars van der Haar goes.
Two laps to go van der Haar is leadinsolo, van Aert is at 9", Nys at 20". 
Embedded image permalinkWout van Aert managed to join Lars van der Haar who opens the gas. 
Last lap: van der Haar and van Aert are together, M. van der Poel and Nys chasing.
Embedded image permalinkIn a muddy descent van der Haar passes van Aert but he's slower in the following passage. Van Aert takes a gap and kept it till the line. Van der Haar gives it all but can't catch him anymore.
Incredible race! I stopped breathing.
Kevin Pauwels apears from behind the last turn and that is worth a medal. Sven Nys 4th celebrates too sending kisses to crowd in his last World Championship.

Embedded image permalinkLars van der Haar:
Embedded image permalink"My mistake was that I was on the big ring on the final climb. You see me looking down, wondering what was going on and then I see the chain on the big ring. That bothers me most. I don’t know if I would’ve beaten him. I’m proud that I rode the race what I wanted to race. It’s a stupid mistake. I clicked but maybe not enough and it wasn’t on the small ring. It’s a crucial error,”
About the crowd throwing at him empty glasses:
Embedded image permalink"“Beer? Yes and spit. That’s no fun because you don’t want to head home with hepatitis B. I had cups thrown at me all over the place. There was so much booing that I realized they were afraid.
Embedded image permalinkI had a good gap but then the gap wasn’t growing and then a strong rider was coming closer. I rode at a pace that I could maintain but not increase. I decided to recover so that I could answer his acceleration."

Wout van Aert:
Embedded image permalink“Nothing compares to this feeling. Last year’s defeat is forgotten now. I was surprised that Mathieu closed the door before the off-camber section. I have to thank him. Because I got stuck in his wheel I finally got into my rhythm. Merci Mathieu. I tried to take my time to get into the rhythm and bridged up with Laurens Sweeck who brought me back to the front. It’s in my character never to give up. I don’t race to sit up after five laps. Van der Haar is not an easy rival. At the European championships I was beaten by Lars. I felt really strong at the back-end of the course. In Spain I trained really hard on that short steep climb. 
He surprised me in the descent which I didn’t expect. But I still had a chance in the running section. On the climb I had to hop off the bike and thought I lost it, but when I looked it was enough to get the last bit of power out of my legs, thinking that I couldn’t give this away. It was a fight until the end".
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Kevin Pauwels:
“It was never possible. I felt early on that I wasn’t super. That’s what you need on a day like today. It was hard straight from the start. It wasn’t easy today. It’s hard, especially at the championships they ride really hard".

Embedded image permalinkSven Nys:
"I didn’t think I would be emotional but when I saw Paul [Van den Bosch, coach] it happened. I was beaten on the steep climb but I’m very happy with my performance. A fourth place in this field at my age. There’s no better way to end my career."

Embedded image permalinkRESULTS
U23 Men
1 Eli Iserbyt (Belgium) 0:51:18
2 Adam Toupalik (Czech Republic) 0:00:01
3 Quinten Hermans (Belgium) 0:00:05
4 Thijs Aerts (Belgium) 0:00:11
5 Clement Russo (France) 0:00:12
6 Felipe Orts (Spain) 0:00:15
7 Gioele Bertolini (Italy)
Embedded image permalink8 Martijn Budding (Netherlands) 0:00:24
9 Sieben Wouters (Netherlands) 0:00:29
10 Daan Soete (Belgium) 0:01:07
11 Daan Hoeyberghs (Belgium) 0:01:17
12 Simon Andreassen (Denmark) 0:01:19
13 Logan Owen (United States Of America) 0:01:22
14 Joris Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands) 0:01:30
15 Nadir Colledani (Italy) 0:01:31
16 Johan Jacobs (Switzerland) 0:01:43
17 Nicolas Cleppe (Belgium) 0:01:46
18 Curtis White (United States Of America) 0:01:51
19 Gosse Van Der Meer (Netherlands) 0:01:52
20 Kevin Suarez Fernandez (Spain) 0:02:05
21 Timon Ruegg (Switzerland) 0:02:17
22 Felix Drumm (Germany) 0:02:18
23 Lucas Dubau (France) 0:02:19
24 Joshua Dubau (France) 0:02:28
25 Mathieu Morichon (France) 0:02:30
26 Yannick Gruner (Germany) 0:02:38
27 Andrew Dillman (United States Of America) 0:02:55
28 Yannick Peeters (Belgium) 0:03:05
29 Maik Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) 0:03:13
30 Stepan Schubert (Czech Republic) 0:03:25
31 Stefano Sala (Italy) 0:03:44
32 Marceli Boguslawski (Poland) 0:04:00
33 Grant Ellwood (United States Of America) 0:04:04
34 Toki Sawada (Japan) 0:04:07
35 Tobin Ortenblad (United States Of America) 0:04:20
36 Bartosz Mikler (Poland) 0:04:44
37 Simon Vozar (Slovakia) 0:04:54
38 Nicholas Barnes (Great Britain) 0:04:55
39 David Eriksson (Sweden) 0:05:05
40 Matej Ulik (Slovakia) 0:05:13
41 Henrik Jansson (Sweden) 0:05:17
42 Christopher Aitken (Australia) 0:05:29
43 Scott Smith (United States Of America) 0:05:41
44 Max Lindenau (Germany) 0:05:49
45 Nicholas Smith (Australia) 0:05:50
46 Ondrej Glajza (Slovakia) 0:05:59
47 Adrian Sirek (Czech Republic) 0:06:02
48 Ola Jorde (Norway) 0:06:07
49 Trevor O'Donnell (Canada) 0:07:16
50 Luc Turchi (Luxembourg) 0:07:27
51 Isaac Niles (Canada) 0:07:45
52 Davis Persevics (Latvia)  

Elite Men
Embedded image permalink1 Wout Van Aert (Belgium) 1:05:52
2 Lars Van Der Haar (Netherlands) 0:00:05
3 Kevin Pauwels (Belgium) 0:00:35
4 Sven Nys (Belgium) 0:00:39
5 Mathieu Van Der Poel (Netherlands) 0:00:47
6 David Van Der Poel (Netherlands) 0:01:03
7 Laurens Sweeck (Belgium) 0:01:11
8 Tom Meeusen (Belgium) 0:01:23
Embedded image permalink9 Radomir Simunek (Czech Republic) 0:01:37
10 Marcel Meisen (Germany) 0:01:43
11 Clement Venturini (France) 0:02:01
12 Michael Vanthourenhout (Belgium) 0:02:15
13 Stan Godrie (Netherlands) 0:02:28
14 Lars Boom (Netherlands) 0:02:37
15 Francis Mourey (France) 0:02:43
Embedded image permalink16 Michael Boros (Czech Republic) 0:02:46
17 Thijs Van Amerongen (Netherlands)
18 Corne Van Kessel (Netherlands) 0:02:50
19 Philipp Walsleben (Germany) 0:03:00
20 Steve Chainel (France) 0:03:08
21 Sascha Weber (Germany) 0:03:15
22 Julien Taramarcaz (Switzerland) 0:03:21
Embedded image permalink23 Stephen Hyde (United States Of America) 0:03:31
24 Simon Zahner (Switzerland)
25 Niels Wubben (Netherlands) 0:03:40
26 Tim Merlier (Belgium) 0:03:43
27 Javier Ruiz De Larrinaga Ibanez (Spain) 0:03:56
28 Ian Field (Great Britain) 0:04:04
29 Martin Haring (Slovakia) 0:04:26
30 Lukas Winterberg (Switzerland) 0:04:29
31 Lars Forster (Switzerland) 0:04:46
32 Ismael Esteban Aguando (Spain) 0:05:10
33 Severin Saegesser (Switzerland) 0:05:28
34 Jeremy Powers (United States Of America) 0:05:29
35 Yannick Eckmann (United States Of America) 0:06:45
36 Chris Jongewaard (Australia) 0:07:00
37 Liam Killeen (Great Britain) 0:07:04
38 Garry Millburn (Australia) 0:07:13
39 Travis Livermon (United States Of America) 0:07:14
40 Aaron Schooler (Canada)
41 Allen Krughoff (United States Of America) 0:07:39
42 Jeremy Martin (Canada) -1 Lap
43 Anthony Clark (United States Of America)
44 Christian Helmig (Luxembourg)
45 Michael Van Den Ham (Canada)
46 Gusty Bausch (Luxembourg)
47 Kenneth Hansen (Denmark) -2 Laps
48 Mariusz Gil (Poland)
49 David Fletcher (Great Britain)
50 Angus Edmond (New Zealand)
51 Cameron Jette (Canada)
52 Martin Eriksson (Sweden)
53 Fredrik Haraldseth (Norway)
54 Hikaru Kosaka (Japan)
55 Yu Takenouchi (Japan)
56 Jeremy Durrin (United States Of America)
57 Mark McConnell (Canada) -3 Laps
58 Karl Heinz Gollinger (Austria)
59 Philipp Heigl (Austria)


Mallorca Challenge: Fabian Cancellara WinsTrofeo Serra de Tramuntana

Embedded image permalinkOk, it's Mallorca Challenge, not such an important race. But it's always nice to win a race, especially when you aren't that young anymore. And solo, on such a climb!

I'm not following this race but you'll have a sum up later.

Fabian Cancellara:
"I had no expectation to be in the breakaway. It was unclear if the break would make it. At the end, I was just trying to save as much energy as I could and followed the attacks from the group. In the last climb somehow I managed to survive, and then I felt some good feelings return. 
Alain (Gallopin, director) told me to go full gas in the downhill, to just try, and by the bottom, I had 45 seconds. Then I was just fighting and fighting to the end. I wasn't sure about the time gap in the last kilometers. I knew that Sky was moving behind, and so I knew that I had to just give everything. I was fully exhausted at the finish. But so was everyone – it has been a harder race this year with the nice weather. It was full gas all day, not one minute of relaxing. I tried hard yesterday, and it didn’t work, and today I did not go to the [team's] plan, and it did. These things, the way they happen, are like for a storybook. I am happy, very satisfied, and now I can relax and then go to Dubai."

Cyclocross: WC in Zolder - UCI statement about Femke Van den Driessche's bike control and my opinion

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Today during the U23 Women race Femke Van den Driessche had a mechanical and crossed the line on foot. A bike of hers has been controled at the pit and taken away by the UCI. This is the official statement.

"The International Cycling Union confirms that pursuant to the UCI's Regulations on technological fraud a bike has been detained for further investigation following checks at the Women's Under 23 race of the 2016 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships. This does not concern any of the riders on the podium. Further details will be shared in due course."

Embedded image permalinkRudy De Bie - Belgian coach of the Belgian selection:
"I never thought that such fraud effectively would find the way to cycling. It's a shame that the entourage of Femke lied to the Belgian federation. And that just during the World Championship in their own country.
I have not talked to Femke, I have just escorted her out there.
Am I angry with her? I am especially angry with those in her entourage who came up with that idea. Femke itself is still young and maybe a little naive. But this simply can't be. It makes me sad that now this is done. 
I'm not one hundred percent sure what's going on or who is responsible. Femke is such a nice girl and she is well within the group. Now I sincerely hope that we can focus on the sport on Sunday and that we can still live a beautiful world championship day with Belgian team."

Brian Cookson:
“It is no secret that a motor was found. We believe that it was indeed technological doping. Throughout the 2015 season, we carried out unannounced bike checks at major road events and we will conduct similar controls throughout the 2016 season. We have introduced in 2015 a set of Regulations that enables us to take action. We’ve been trialling new methods of detection but you’ll understand why I don’t want to go into details of those methods."
“Technological fraud is unacceptable. We want the minority who may consider cheating to know that, increasingly. There is no place to hide, and sooner or later they will pay for the damage they’re causing to our sport. To all the people who want to cheat, yesterday we sent a clear message: we will catch you and we will punish you because our technology to detect such fraud seems to work."
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Femke Van Den Driessche:
"I have not ridden that bike, in my race bike there was nothing. The bike that was confiscated by the UCI came from a friend. I knew absolutely nothing. Whether people are now going to ask about my other victories? If I had had such a bike, I had have a better and more consistent season this year. This year I worked really hard for my sport, it's bad that this has now happened. I have nothing to do with it."

My opinion:
I wait for a better and complete information. Not because I don't believe it's possible but because at the moment it's still uncertain what exactly the UCI found in that bike. A 'motor' many say, and if so I'm glad it has been found, but I don't like all this talking about things we don't know. 
According with the UCI rules there is technological fraud when a  bike doesn't comply with Article 1.3.010 of the regulations handbook. 

Now we know something more: a motor has been found in a bike at the pit. It isn't crear yet whom this bike belongs but if it will be proved that it's a Belgian 19 yo rider's... well I agree with De Bie: it is impossible that she organised and realised this on her own. Her fault of course because she is responsible for her bike and for her racing but adults around her have got an even bigger responsability. But I'm surprised - let's say so - that the Belgian Federation was completely unaware of what they were doing... 

According to Sport.be "A former professional cyclist claims he is the owner of the bicycle found with a concealed motor at the Cyclo-cross World Championships in Zolder, Belgium on Saturday. Nico Van Muylder, aged 39, is a friend of the family of Femke Van den Driessche. [...] According to Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws the press camped outside his house in Opdorp once it was rumoured he was the friend involved, but he came back only yesterday evening and made a simple statement: “All I can say is it’s my bike.” The article reminds that  " The onus is on the rider to prove that his or her bike meets UCI regulations, and “the presence within or on the margins of a cycling competition” of a non-compliant bike is sufficient for the offence to be committed." 

Cyclocross: World Championship in Zolder 1

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Embedded image permalinkRainy! and unfortunate because all the talking has been about the bike with a moror in. A pity and a shame: it has been a thrilling race in the Elite Women with a well deserved but unespected win by Thalita De jong. It has been a confirmation in the U19 Men race, with Jans Decker, and a complete surprise in the U23 Women with the British  Evie Richards: probably the best news of these Worlds.

Jans Dekker:
“I think it was a really hard race. I don’t think it was my best race of the year.”

Evie Richards:
"I am just going to Zolder with no pressure on me, with a poor grid position and do the same as any local or National event"
“I wanted to see how long I would last away. It feels amazing. It is my first cyclo-cross race abroad. I wouldn’t want it any other way. If the category didn’t exist I wouldn’t have raced. I wouldn’t have had the chance to race. The sport needs female riders. It needs this category for riders to move up to elite.”

Thalita De Jong:
“After [messing up] my start I thought to myself ‘OK, this was it. Just try to make a nice race from it and get a decent result'. 
Once again I [messed up] my start dearly despite a second-row start position. I wasn’t able to keep up or something and suddenly it got quite a bit smaller. Then I started a long chasing race which is quite often what I have to do. 
I heard people screaming that I was among the fastest riders on course but you still have to move up. It went so well that I bridged up with the leaders before the final lap I was able to take over the command at the hardest part of the course and noticed that Cant was slightly gapped. I accelerated, standing on the pedals and she was dropped." 

Nikki Harris:
"I tried to go. I made some stupid mistakes and the group came back to me. I tried to save some energy. I made too many mistakes. That’s racing. Thalita? She obviously came from the back. She was obviously the strongest today."

Sanne Cant:
“I wasn’t going flat out but then Thalita took over. At the point where we had to run I realized it was over. I’m less disappointed than last year. Thalita was simply stronger. To me, there had been too much rain, which made every part of the course slippery making it impossible to ride that climb where I wanted to make the difference. It’s a pity because you work for it a whole year long."

U19 Men
Embedded image permalink1.Dekker,
U23 Women
Embedded image permalink2.Noskova,
Elite Women
Embedded image permalink3.Cant,
10.Van PaassenEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink


Cyclocross: World Championship in Zolder: Who will win?

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According to Sporza - and to the common sense - these five are the main favourites: Mathieu van der Poel is THE favourite, together with Wout van Aert. They won almost all this season so it's an easy bet. Their main contenders have been Lars van der Haar and Kevin Pauwels. 
Then there is Sven Nys, because in a cross race you can't exclude Sven Nys and that's all. Nys had some glorious days and some inconsistent ones: his racing in Zolder is unpredictable.
Outsiders? I'd say Laurens Sweeck
The route is the same as in the Zolder World Cup, so fast but harder than in the previous years. Lars van der Haar and Kevin Pauwels were on the podium in December so also a fast rider can win it. The weather can change the race completely.

Take Me Home (and Zolder)

I'm standing in the thin rain in a gray noon in a gray small rail station in a small village called Figline next to a big school where I teach three times at week. I'm tired and a little down: enough with unpolite lazy ignorant young peole. I watch the line and think or just remember: Take me home.... John Denver of course! Fresh air: a cold stream, green valley, high blue mountains in the distance... "almost heaven"... SO FAR from here!
Ok, I'm just cooked. It's hard to explain how an exhausting job teaching is!
I worked in an office and I used to WORK, I mean I didn't have the time to go shopping or taking a coffee, and I used to work 6 hours a day. BUT it was me and my work, 8am-2pm, then I was free to do what I wanted and I didn't think of my office untill the next day. In school you work all day long: 18 hours of lessons, meeting, courses and an uncontable time preparing lessons and correcting papers, thinking about the best way to explain something or to allow somebody to improve. You never switch off.
I also worked in a public front office: it's tiring because you have to deal with people asking any kind of things, not always politely. We used to work 8am-2pm but people was allowed in only 9am-1pm. In school you work five hours with people you can't just talk to or 'answer': you are supposed to build an educational human relationship with them. You are suppose to care, and normally you do. That's more tiring than all the front office job you can do.
That was a few days ago. Now it's 7 pm and I'm just at home after a whole day in school: lessons and compulsory HACCP course. It's 12 hours considering the commuting time. No time for procycling as you can imagine but I'm looking forward to Sunday and the cyclocross World Champioship in Zolder. I see Angus Edmond is already there and it would be extremely cool if Lars van der Haar manges the win the title. He said "Mathieu van der Poel is better than me in winning" but he seldom missed a podium place, and in a one day race you never know!


In Short: Giant-Alpecin Crash - Warren Barguil said...

There is an interview HERE, in Enhlish also HERE.

In Short:

Warren Barguil:
“We were riding back to our hotel. I was taking a turn on the front, and at that moment, a car 300 metres up the road was taking a corner. I thought it was going too fast since it was in the left hand lane. It wasn’t that it was going too fast, but it was driving regularly and stayed in the left-hand lane.
The car didn’t stop, it kept going straight on. She [the driver] braked at the point of the first impact. I was riding at 47kph, she was going at 50kph… There was no verge at the roadside, just rocks. I swung as far to the right as I could before the collision.
It was quite shocking. We were on the ground for a long time. Only one of us managed to avoid the car, and it was he who called the emergency services. He took an arm warmer and used that to make a sling for one of the riders. It wasn’t easy, it was really chaos.
For the first two or three days, we joked more after the accident, we downplayed it because we had been through that drama. I told myself I had to be positive. But since yesterday [Tuesday], I’m starting to realise we could all have died. And when I think that, it sends a shiver down my spine."


Cyclocross World Championship in Zolder: Start List

1 VAN DER POEL Mathieu NED 20 2
2 VAN DER HAAR Lars NED 24 4
3 VAN KESSEL Corné NED 24 25
5 VAN DER POEL David NED 23 34
6 GODRIE Stan NED 22 37
7 WUBBEN Niels NED 27 52
8 BOOM Lars NED 30 322
10 VAN AERT Wout BEL 21 1
11 PAUWELS Kevin BEL 31 3
12 NYS Sven BEL 39 5
13 SWEECK Laurens BEL 22 6
14 MEEUSEN Tom BEL 27 7
16 MERLIER Tim BEL 23 19
20 TARAMARCAZ Julien SUI 28 16
21 ZAHNER Simon SUI 32 23
22 WINTERBERG Lukas SUI 27 71
23 SAEGESSER Severin SUI 23 74
24 FORSTER Lars SUI 22 77
26 BOROS Michael CZE 23 21
27 SIMUNEK Radomir CZE 32 24
28 PETRUS Lubomir CZE 25 54
29 LASAK Matej CZE 23 95
30 POWERS Jeremy USA 32 8
31 HYDE Stephen USA 28 17
32 LIVERMON Travis USA 27 55
33 KRUGHOFF Allen USA 31 60
34 CLARK Anthony USA 28 81
35 DURRIN Jeremy USA 27 94
36 ECKMANN Yannick USA 22 158
37 HARING Martin SVK 29 45
38 VAN DEN HAM Michael CAN 23 82
39 MARTIN Jeremy CAN 23 104
40 SCHOOLER Aaron CAN 30 118
41 MCCONNELL Mark CAN 27 128
42 JETTE Cameron CAN 28 369
43 MEISEN Marcel GER 26 13
44 WALSLEBEN Philipp GER 28 28
45 WEBER Sascha GER 27 29
47 VENTURINI Clément FRA 22 9
48 MOUREY Francis FRA 35 14
49 CHAINEL Steve FRA 32 33
50 GIL Mariusz POL 32 64
52 ESTEBAN Ismael ESP 32 86
54 KOSAKA Hikaru JPN 27 89
55 JONGEWAARD Chris AUS 36 111
56 MILLBURN Garry AUS 28 116
57 FIELD Ian GBR 29 35
58 KILLEEN Liam GBR 33 136
59 CLARKSON Jack GBR 22 155
60 FLETCHER David GBR 26 183
61 HANSEN Kenneth DEN 24 84
62 GOLLINGER Karl Heinz AUT 32 151
63 HEIGL Philipp AUT 22 236
64 EDMOND Angus NZL 39 414
65 BAUSCH Gudty LUX 35 112
66 HELMIG Christian LUX 34 123
67 DIAS DOS SANTOS Vincent LUX 25 209
68 ERIKSSON Martin SWE 23 133
69 HARALDSETH Fredrik NOR 23 124
2 MANI Caroline FRA 28 7
3 CANT Sanne BEL 25 1
4 VAN LOY Ellen BEL 35 3
5 VERSCHUEREN Jolien BEL 25 10
6 SELS Loes BEL 30 14
9 DE BOER Sophie NED 25 11
10 VAN PAASSEN Sanne NED 27 15
11 DE JONG Thalita NED 22 16
12 STULTIENS Sabrina NED 22 31
14 HARRIS Nikki GBR 29 2
15 WYMAN Helen GBR 34 6
16 HAVLIKOVA Pavla CZE 32 5
17 MIKULASKOVA Martina CZE 22 26
18 COMPTON Katherine USA 37 8
19 ANTONNEAU Kaitlin USA 23 9
20 MILLER Amanda USA 29 17
21 ANTHONY Crystal USA 35 18
22 MILLER Meredith USA 42 29
23 ANDERSON Elle USA 27 48
24 LECHNER Eva ITA 30 4
25 BULLERI Alessia ITA 22 70
27 BRANDAU Elisabeth GER 30 40
28 NUNO PALACIO Aida ESP 32 24
31 WASIUK Olga POL 28 71
33 MAJERUS Christine LUX 28 19
34 DYCK Mical CAN 33 25
35 ERLANDSSON Asa Maria SWE 41 38
36 EDVARDSSON Angelica SWE 26 137
37 GOMEZ Carolina ARG 23 187
38 YONAMINE Eri JPN 24 74
39 JACOBS Lisa AUS 24 44
40 SIMPSON Josie AUS 41 180
41 RHODES Therese AUS 27 198
42 REDMOND Natalie AUS 24 307
43 HENZELIN Lise-Marie SUI 24 56
2 ISERBYT Eli BEL 18 20
3 HERMANS Quinten BEL 20 22
5 SOETE Daan BEL 21 57
6 AERTS Thijs BEL 19 69
7 CLEPPE Nicolas BEL 20 85
8 PEETERS Yannick BEL 19 98
11 NIEUWENHUIS Joris NED 17 46
12 BUDDING Martijn NED 20 61
13 WOUTERS Sieben NED 19 107
14 VAN DER MEER Gosse NED 20 130
15 VAN DER HEIJDEN Maik NED 18 295
17 TOUPALIK Adam CZE 19 67
18 SIREK Adrian CZE 19 372
19 SCHUBERT Stepan CZE 19 511
20 RUSSO Clément FRA 20 48
21 DUBAU Lucas FRA 19 109
22 DUBAU Joshua FRA 19 152
23 GRAS Yan FRA 19 172
24 MORICHON Mathieu FRA 20 320
27 RUEGG Timon SUI 18 106
28 JACOBS Johan SUI 18 153
29 WHITE Curtis USA 20 32
30 OWEN Logan USA 20 51
31 ORTENBLAD Tobin USA 21 59
32 DILLMAN Andrew USA 21 73
33 SMITH Scott USA 21 122
34 ELLWOOD Grant USA 19 175
35 BARNES Nicholas GBR 21 213
36 BERTOLINI Gioele ITA 20 18
37 COLLEDANI Nadir ITA 20 66
38 SALA Stefano ITA 18 149
39 ORTS Felipe ESP 20 62
41 DRUMM Felix GER 21 110
42 LINDENAU Max GER 21 188
43 GRUNER Yannich GER 21 217
46 BOGUSLAWSKI Marceli POL 18 176
47 MIKLER Bartosz POL 21 NC
48 SAWADA Toki JPN 21 103
49 ANDREASSEN Simon DEN 18 91
50 GLAJZA Ondrej SVK 21 97
51 VOZAR Simon SVK 21 221
52 ULIK Matej SVK 20 227
53 JANSSON Henrik SWE 20 204
54 ERIKSSON David SWE 20 351
55 WAHLQVIST Dennis SWE 21 366
56 AITKEN Christopher AUS 21 121
57 SMITH Nicholas AUS 18 NC
58 NILES Isaac CAN 20 248
59 O'DONNELL Trevor CAN 19 285
60 TURCHI Luc LUX 20 273
61 REES Tom LUX 18 415
62 MONTGOMERY David IRL 20 190
63 JORDE Ola NOR 21 309
2 STORGAARD Christian DEN 17 24
3 ANDRESEN Andreas Lund DEN 17 52
4 SOERENSEN Carl DEN 17 64
5 DEKKER Jens NED 17 1
6 GROOT Mitch NED 17 5
7 WOLSINK Thijs NED 17 7
8 NOORDAM Marino NED 17 49
9 ARENSMAN Thymen NED 16 62
11 DORIGONI Jakob ITA 17 8
12 FOLCARELLI Antonio ITA 17 15
13 BASSANI Michele ITA 17 16
14 XILLO Edoardo ITA 16 26
15 POZZATO Andrea ITA 17 79
17 HECHT Gage USA 17 3
18 PETROV Spencer USA 17 6
19 BRUNNER Eric USA 17 13
20 BEARD Cameron USA 17 18
21 STEPHENSON Denzel USA 16 22
22 OWENS Michael USA 17 105
23 JASPERS Jappe BEL 17 2
24 ROMBOUTS Seppe BEL 17 4
25 VANDEBOSCH Toon BEL 16 10
26 VERMEERSCH Florian BEL 16 17
27 DHOORE Alessio BEL 17 21
31 TURGIS Tanguy FRA 17 9
32 CRISPIN Mickael FRA 17 11
33 BONNET Thomas FRA 17 14
34 LEGRAND Matthieu FRA 17 47
35 NAVARRO Quentin FRA 17 106
39 DONOVAN Mark GBR 16 32
40 PIDCOCK Thomas GBR 16 54
41 TULETT Daniel GBR 16 86
42 GASCOYNE William GBR 17 88
43 TURNER Ben GBR 16 128
45 ALBERDI Jokin ESP 17 29
46 FEIJOO Ivan ESP 16 49
48 BRUN Richard ESP 17 145
49 KUHN Kevin SUI 17 12
50 SCHMID Mauro SUI 16 64
51 MOBIS Maximilian GER 17 20
52 RUDOLPH Paul GER 17 53
53 MARKL Niklas GER 16 58
55 SIRUCEK Vaclav CZE 17 45
56 GAVENDA Jan CZE 16 71
57 NOVAK Jan CZE 17 107
58 HONZAK David CZE 16 147
59 JARY David CZE 17 257
60 GAJDOSIK Jan SVK 17 39
61 DISERA Quinton CAN 17 40
62 HOLMGREN Gunnar CAN 16 75
63 SANDERSON Brody CAN 16 141
64 RZESZUTEK Tomasz POL 17 32
66 WALKERDEN Ben AUS 17 44
67 BARROW Noah AUS 17 77
68 RIES Michel LUX 17 23
69 KEISER Felix LUX 17 85
70 CONTER Ken LUX 16 126
71 LEYDER Misch LUX 16 145
72 FRIES Noah LUX 17 149
74 ODA Hijiri JPN 17 38
76 KOK Jack SWE 17 84
77 OROSZ Gergo HUN 16 NC
78 SZOLLOSI Ferenc HUN 17 NC
79 CONROY David IRL 17 32
80 AALRUST Hakon NOR 17 27
2 LABOUS Juliette FRA 17 37
3 GROSSETETE Maelle FRA 17 41
4 MUZIC Evita FRA 16 64
7 MAES Shana BEL 20 131
8 HEYNS Joyce BEL 17 239
10 OOSTERMAN Esmee NED 19 69
11 NAGENGAST Fleur NED 17 79
12 WITLOX Lizzy NED 20 84
13 DEL CARMEN Ceylin NED 17 146
17 PAYTON Hannah GBR 21 32
18 CRUMPTON Bethany GBR 21 55
19 RICHARDS Evie GBR 17 81
20 JAMES Ffion GBR 18 166
21 BARNES Alice GBR 20 261
23 NOSKOVA Nikola CZE 17 30
24 LUKESOVA Denisa CZE 17 90
26 NOBLE Ellen USA 20 22
27 RATHBUN Laurel USA 19 126
28 ARENSMAN Allison USA 21 178
29 ARENSMAN Hannah USA 17 189
30 SWARTZ Emma USA 18 254
31 ARZUFFI Alice Maria ITA 21 13
32 TEOCCHI Chiara ITA 19 27
33 CASASOLA Sara ITA 16 73
34 BARONI Francesca ITA 16 140
35 LAMBRACHT Jessica GER 20 61
37 TERUEL RIBES Alba ESP 19 203
40 REES Edie Antonia LUX 17 127
41 WEST Ruby CAN 16 92
42 COLES-LYSTER Maggie CAN 16 186
43 HEIGL Nadja AUT 19 23
45 SAKAGUCHI Kiyoka JPN 19 110
46 RIEDEL Stacey AUS 20 296
47 BOHE Caroline DEN 16 105
48 FREI Sina SUI 18 50
49 MOHR Tiril NOR 21 138

Source http://www.cxstats.com/2016/01/25/uci-world-championships-zolder-startlist/