FREEZING First Training for Team Aquila

Florence, Italy. Heating on, in my room there are 15 degrees at the moment. 
And this is an ancient building with a  very stable temperature.
In spite it's Sunday we woke up early this morning, we had a rich breakfast and we put son's bike on the car. While driving by the river toward Pontassieve the view was a little worrying: all was white and covered on frost. In Florence there was a beautiful sun but -4 degrees, in Pintassieve an icy mist.
When we arrived several cars were parked at the meeting point but the kids were already riding up and down to keep themselves 'warm'. 
"Damn! I forgot my overshoes!" son said. He joined the group and off to train they were. I went to take a coffee with some other moms: I was freezing even just standing there.
In fact: son froze. After one hour or less a sport director came looking for me on his scooter and I ran back to open the car. The poor kid was crying, quite scared because he couldn't brake nor feel his feet.
Ok. No matter. I gave him my warm gloves, he got off his frozen cycling shoes and put his feet in his warm boots. We went home, he had some hot tea. 
I wonder why they have to start training at 9.30 am with such a temperature. 

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