The New Season Kicks Off, Also At Home

Team Aquila Head Quarter in Ponte a Ema

The new season kicks off also for my son and it's a new start because the team is the same - Team Aquila, the first team of Gino Bartali - but it lost its sponsor. The new jersey is pretty much the same as the one Bartali used to wear: white and black. The new bike is also pretty white.
By Bicisport
Last Saturday - and my son's birthday - we went to the team head quarter in Ponte a Ema for the first meeting with the sport directors and the Aquila's President Renato Masini. Aquila being an old famous team the small office in the Casa del Popolo is full of cups, awards and pictures, the most recent featuring a young Daniel Oss.
New bike
Today after schoold we went to pick the new bike up by Bicisport, the bike shop sponsoring the team. This is one of the few occasions when I drive my car in Florence. 
Son tried the bike and of course he had grown up since November, when he had been measured, so Bicisport's mechanic had to fix his saddle. He put on his new shoes and went riding in the road: "How does it go?" the mechanic asked "Great!" son was.
Two race wheels and two shoes in my hands, son pushing his bike we went to the counter. It was time to buy those famous new glasses that son earned in June, when he passed his exam with a very high mark. 
Next Sunday Team Aquila will be back training on the road. The first race is schedulated for the 28 of March.
New glasses
Driving back home in the traffic wasn't funny but we were both excited and in high spirit. 
Ah the reassuring presence of a race bike in the back of the car, partially blocking therear-view mirror...!

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