Once Upon a Time: Brugge Gallery

Don't go to Brugge if you are not in love, don't go to Brugge but if you go avoid the crowded squares, the noisy streets. 
Once upon a time this was a rich town, famous for business. So rich and famous that it lost its freedom and, because of it, it fell pray to foreign appetits. Once upon a time a ton of blood was spilt to wash away the differences and to paint just one flag. A blind arrogance was in charge and still is. 
In love, you can walk side by side seeing nothing but your reflection in the cold beautiful water. In love, you can just hear your own sweet whispering and laughing. Then Brugge is the right place: a dream to dream. 
With a broken heart instead or with a free set of mind you are going to be critical of the city selling itself, of its artificial beauty
In that case go back a few centuries, to the time when Brugge went lost and forgotten. By the deserted canals, in the quiet of the Beginal House, in the rest of a secret garden blooming on yellow narcisus, in the perpetual silence of work and pray. Here you can find your peace and Brugge autentical beauty.

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