Take Me Home (and Zolder)

I'm standing in the thin rain in a gray noon in a gray small rail station in a small village called Figline next to a big school where I teach three times at week. I'm tired and a little down: enough with unpolite lazy ignorant young peole. I watch the line and think or just remember: Take me home.... John Denver of course! Fresh air: a cold stream, green valley, high blue mountains in the distance... "almost heaven"... SO FAR from here!
Ok, I'm just cooked. It's hard to explain how an exhausting job teaching is!
I worked in an office and I used to WORK, I mean I didn't have the time to go shopping or taking a coffee, and I used to work 6 hours a day. BUT it was me and my work, 8am-2pm, then I was free to do what I wanted and I didn't think of my office untill the next day. In school you work all day long: 18 hours of lessons, meeting, courses and an uncontable time preparing lessons and correcting papers, thinking about the best way to explain something or to allow somebody to improve. You never switch off.
I also worked in a public front office: it's tiring because you have to deal with people asking any kind of things, not always politely. We used to work 8am-2pm but people was allowed in only 9am-1pm. In school you work five hours with people you can't just talk to or 'answer': you are supposed to build an educational human relationship with them. You are suppose to care, and normally you do. That's more tiring than all the front office job you can do.
That was a few days ago. Now it's 7 pm and I'm just at home after a whole day in school: lessons and compulsory HACCP course. It's 12 hours considering the commuting time. No time for procycling as you can imagine but I'm looking forward to Sunday and the cyclocross World Champioship in Zolder. I see Angus Edmond is already there and it would be extremely cool if Lars van der Haar manges the win the title. He said "Mathieu van der Poel is better than me in winning" but he seldom missed a podium place, and in a one day race you never know!

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