The Bright Side!

Pasionately, that's how I write. Not a boasting. Nobody write for years a blog without passion and joy. I'm about the procycling the most, about the cyclocross in winter and often about my travels. Sometimes I'm about myself: it's a blog, a kind of diary and I love sharing my experience making it a matter of - hopefully - good writing. Sometimes I'm a little down or tired and I feel I have nothing to tell. Being desperate is way more inspiring! but I'm persuaded that anything can do a very good story: interesting, moving, funny or simply beautiful like a beautiful song. 
Last week I dated a guy, he was kind and good looking but I didn't like him. What a frustrating feeling... I couldn't understand why. The day after he texted me asking "How are you doing?" and be sure I told him: "Sum up I'm fine. I've been busy editing a ton of pictures - have a look on my blog, they are about my last travel... blablabla... and how are you? what are you doing?". The answer was: "I'm ok. Nothing special. The same as always." "Should I be curious? impressed? fascinated?" I asked my friend Susan and she really surprised me saying: "Our lives aren't that fascinating! important is he made contact."
I thought about it. I didn't agree at first and I don't agree now. Our lives ARE fascinating. Any life is. The way you tell facts makes all the difference and when you want to impress somebody, when you want he or she fall in love for you... well, you should make an effort! 
But it isn't true only about the story we tell others, it's even more true about the story we tell ourselves. Some people stress the point we should be thankful: so many good facts happen daily in our life that we often don't acknowledge. We take them as garanted or just don't notice. But when something bad happens we are way more sensitive. 
I agree. And I add a different category of facts we should be aware of: the cool facts, the beautiful facts, the amazing little facts and things. In my opinion life isn't about the good and the bad but, like an art work, about the harmony of the whole. In a good picture shadows are as important as lights, in a good story pain and joy must play together, in a good paint or description humble things have often got an important role. 
Reading a good novel we are fascinated by events that in the real life would be painful and we are delighted by descriptions of places we see everyday. So what does make a difference? I'll tell you: it's the attention. If I care about you I'm going to tell you about the simple facts of my life because I want to bring you in it, and you'll pay attention because you care as well. The same dedicated attention we should pay to ourselves. We should acknowledge the amazing beauty of our lives and now and then we should list our daily beautiful things. 
I come from a few days of illness and being back home and work isn't thrilling. Still I can count all my blessings, and I do. I tell me a beautiful story about myself, absolutely true but painted in dedicated colours. I'm the main character of my life so I must be adequately cool!

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