In Short: An Interview with Ben Swift

Ben Swift is one of my favourite riders. There is an interview HERE.

In Short:

1. TdF: “I’ve spoken to the team and told them I’d like to do the Tour de France in support of Chris. To get into the equation I’d have to change my role to be more of a support rider, and lose a bit of weight to get into that position.
But I’ve told them I want to do that. In the first part of the season, my focus is on results, then after the Tour de Yorkshire and Tour of California in early May it’s three weeks of solid training to the Tour de Suisse when I can, hopefully, put myself into a better position as a support rider."

2. Olympics: “There’s also the Olympics this summer so it’s quite a big year. If I can get to Rio, it’ll once again be as a supporting rider in the road race. I did the test event last year at Rio and a it’s a climbers’ course, so that’s further reason to lose the weight and change my style a little. The depth of talent in British Cycling is staggering right now. I rode in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. I was an amateur back then, but British Cycling has grown massively since, and the difference between Beijing and Rio just emphasises that."

3. To Sky or not to Sky? “I don’t know whether I’ll be with the team in 2017. I’ll have to weigh up my options. I’ve grown up with all these guys but I’m not afraid to move on and see what other opportunities are out there for me.”

4. Bionic: "I’ve had surgery twice on the left shoulder and twice on the right. I’m like the bionic man. It must be my genetic make-up. You could have five crashes a year and be all right and then I can land on my shoulder just once and I’m sidelined. But you can’t worry about injuries. I came out of the 2013 surgery really well so I’ve got that to reflect on, not that I want to be someone who is repeatedly forced to take the second half of the year out. Hopefully, though, that break in the middle of last year has put me in good shape for the season."

5. Tour de Yorkshire: "I had quite a dreadful time there last year. I had a lot of home support so for that to happen was really disappointing. A home Tour was a big deal for me but the good thing is it’s hopefully around for a long time so I get another chance at it. It feels a little like unfinished business and I’m excited about this year’s race. The third stage is into Doncaster, which is about 15 miles from where I grew up.”

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