Malaga I'm coming!

Risultati immagini per malaga spiagge"Mom! you should take a true holyday!" son said while I was flicking through spartan trekking sites' and adventurous destinations "not your usual backpacking or crosscountry skiing or bike trip! something relaxing, something like all day resting on the beach! do you know? something like doing absolutely nothing but in the sun!". Ok. He's probably right. I have just a few free days in March, including Easter day and my birthday, I'm not sure about the next Summer, I could be awfully busy or completely penniless and anyway I couldn't find anything for my date on my favourite travel sites
Indead I like 'active' holydays and normally Jonas or Avventure nel Mondo or Le vie dei canti have the right thing for me. I travel a lot on my own so for my holydays I prefer group travels. My ex husband is a wannabe alpinist, the only holyday he contemplates is in the mountain and he refuses to travel by plane, that's why we have seldom shared holydays, or never, given that I used to spend some weeks with him in the Alps and then to travel on my own. I was a young student with lots of time and some money. Now that I'm a worker with few free time and few money I have no options: a travel must fit my date, suit my budget and be nice of course and my favourite sites have nice cheap travels in Easter holydays but not in my date. That's why I'll go to Malaga on my own.
The destination came easily looking for a warm sunny place in a relatively safe country. Tourists in a country where there is a war or a civil war or a dictature or also a huge social inequality or a natural disaster are tasteless. Yes, you can travel to such a country, well protected behind your money that means an exclusive hotel with a private security. You can. But I don't want. I have been in Turkey when there was a military regime not as a tourist but as a political militant and I have been expelled after violent demonstrations where we were shoulder to shoulder with the local activists and I have been in Central America with a group who aimed to meet the local population and especially the zapatist communities in the highlands of Chapas. Not exactly a holyday, not really relaxing.
The weather is gloomy in Florence, so humid and costantly changing: I need the sun! I have visited Spain a few times already: Barcellona and Andalusia in my honeymoon, Valencia, Mallorca, Calpe, Albir and Alicante for cycling. I have never been in Malaga and I'm looking forward to see its bothanic garden and its beautiful beach. In the Easter period there is a traditional feast and art jeeks like me can enjoy the Museo Picasso and the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo.
This morning I booked my flight from Bologna to Malaga and a beautiful hotel in the city center, then I bought some flowers, bright yellow and smelling Spring, finally I had a delicious lunch with my son by La Cocotte in via Gioberti, one of the coolest commercial streets in Florence, just round the corner for me. I'm a lucky one. 
Coming home I phoned my complicated love to tell him I love him anyway. On Sunday we went, it was pourring rain and I wanted to vist a photography exibition by a café but he was feeling unconfortable, as always indoor... I got angry and we went walking by the river, taking pictures in the dusky light. Breathing the free humid air of the evening he was fine, and me too. 

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