Pourring Rain and Much More

The sky over the rail station
"It's raining again, still it's warm, even warmer than yesterday when I thought it was the Springtime already. A tender green on the nacked trees, a random hole of bright blue in the dull grey sky, then something - indefinable, restless - in my blood making hard to sleep at night and a bird distintly singing out the window during my lesson: Springtime. 
Me in my class
It has been a mild winter and my gypsies managed it well: wrapped in coloured blakets, covers, sleepinbags, and packed together on the grass of the park, a cardboard to protect them from the moisture of the ground. I use to see them in the early morning, when I ride by going to school. I have slept a few times me too under the stars, without a tent, often in Summer but once in April so it wasn't exaly hot. It's great
I don't need anymore a long winter coat - the red one I was wearing in Belgium is going to be cleaned and put away - nor a beret under my helmet. Even the bomber jacket I'm using now is too much: yesterday I was soacked in sweat when I got off my bike: it's definitely time to switch to a 'modular' clothing starting with a t-shirt and finishing with a windcheater. I can't change my clothes at school and that's also why I don't ride my bike when it's pourring rain: getting wet is not a problem but staying wet is. 
Correcting papers 
Unless I have to go to school, I love being in the rain and you'll seldom see me with an umbrella. It's funny how people fear the rain: two drops and they run under a shelter. But look the other animals and how they enjoy a little rain, especially in the Springtime! Today after work I was the only one waiting for the train in the beautiful rain while all the rest were comically squashed under the short platform roof. A man stared at me, came out and tried the rain with his hand, incredulous, then made a bolt back. 
Reading at home in a rainy day
It has been a lazy day in school because my student with special needs got a five days suspension: he collaborated in hanging a class mate on a rack... Everybody was laughing, the hung included, but that doesn't make it less serious. Yesterday instead I was teaching Human Science in my other school and my students had a test about Piaget. I spent my afternoon correting it, unpaid because the time we work for school isn't fixed unless it's lesson's time, it can be one hour or five depending on the need. I went correcting papers to my favourite cafè, L'Arte del Sogno and it's a satisfation because the most of my students did a good job.
The pourring rain means that often my son can't train but last Sunday it was dry and I followed the training session in the team car. My son is in his second year as an 'esordiente', 14 yo: they are already pretty fast and train on a distance of 50/70 kms. On Sunday it's 'fondo', that's riding molstly on flat keeping an high pace on a small gear. My son prefer the training session they have during the week when they ride to the Chianti hills on a more various route. He's a good climber and a strong roulleur. I like following in the car chattering with the sport director about procycling and my kid. We know each other since almost ten year!
Yellow shoes
Sometimes while the team train I just seat reading in my parked car. I only have a little time for personal reading: on the train and in bed at night, unless I deliberately take one hour to go reading in the sun, usually in the park next home. I have to read a lot for my job! At the moment my private books are "Glas" by Jaques Derrida and "Bright Earth: Art and the Invention of Color". The last one it's very interesting! the first one is part of my preliminary study for an essays about Hegel and Derrida, two of my favourites philosophers. I also love reading novels, especially classics or contemporary British authors, but I ran out of it: the book shop will see me soon! do you have any suggestions?
Last but not least I had some sweat moments with my loved one. It's complicated but let's take the good: perfectionism is a big enemy of happiness."

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