With Love

Pff! How complicated! It has always been complicated and it still is. But after many and many years I'm here trying again to make it work and it seems something changed in a good way. 
I learnt to value what I have instead of complaining about what I don't have. 
I learnt to be happy for the good things instead of complaining about the bad things. 
I learnt that when you are not happy about something depending on you , you simply have to change it. It's easy and it works. Complaining about things you can't change is useless.
But love is more complicated. I have been madly in love and fortunately that's over: I can look at it from a safer place. I agree it seems cool but it's just painful, a kind of sickness.
Addiction is never good, no matter how romantic it is. First of all you must be happy on your own and if you need somebody to be happy that isn't good. When you can stand on your feet then you are ready for a true love story, where you are free to enjoy the good and not in need to complain of feel miserable about things you don't like: you don't have to stand them and if you do it's because in the end you like to share time with that guy or girl. That's all.
I had a nice nice Valentine's Day with my love, starting with kisses in the morning and pourring rain outside, went on with a walk to Piazzale Michelangelo and San Miniato al Monte and more kisses, went through some arguing about how to spend the afternoon and now we are ready to go out for a romantic dinner. Not sure where because he booked nothing: he's a no-booking guy. We'll probably walk all Florence and finish eating an aperitivo in a bar... I'll try to stay cool!

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