Back and Not Happy

I'm back. Not happy. It has been a very nice travel and am always sad when a travel ends. 
In the next days I'll edit my pictures of Malaga and am going to share some of them here with a few info about my visit. 
Now I'm tired and feel down, because really... here it's different. Arriving to Bologna we sank in a dense layer of gray clouds and mist. My large colourful hat couldn't look more out of place! It immediately struk me, I never get used: what a poor, dirty, uncivilised country is this... I knew but coming from abroad it's even more evident.
I'm back and angry because the rider hit by a morbike in GW actually died. That must stop, no matter what's the price. 
I see riders are sorry but they should be way more vocal about safety and refuse to race if things don't change. It isn't a destiny: it's a fault, a crime and somebody must pay for it, THEN changes must be done. Less tears and more actions, that's the way to honour this guy and his family and friends.
Anyway... I'm back and ready. Let's go.

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