A Few Considerations About Procycling, this Blog and me

Hello, I've been busy and must confess my interest in pro cycling is decreasing recently. The main reason of my lack of writing being my deeper involvement in teaching, it's also true that races lost their apeal to me and I've been reflecting about it with mixed feelings. 
Andy Schleck's retirement and disapearence plaied a role: although I have been on touch with him our conversations were private and frankly uninteresting. Unimportant races used to become suddenly very important to me when he was racing and now they lost any interest. That means that I go out when they are on and I could even consider reading a good book instead.
Important races - classics and grand tour - are different: I use to watch them since when I was a child and the competence I acquired in the last ten years makes me appreciate them even more. I watched them this year as always and wrote about. Classics are never the same and that's way I love them, but I prefer stage races, the grand tours especially, because there are many races in there and many different strategies can clash. I'm going to follow the Giro, the Tour and of course La Vuelta, my favourite one. May be this year I'll go to Spain!
No doubt I'm focusing much less on cycling and I'm sorry I lost the chance to interview some interesting young talents who are now emerging. That's something I miss. But interviews are the consequence of relations, friendship and acquaitance, and here I invested less, recently.
I have never been very interested in doping cases and I'm not now. Not because I don't care but because I don't like talking about things I don't know. What I can say is that in my experience and as far as I personally know there was a lot of doping and a lot of 'omertà' in the past but that now the peloton is a different one: young riders are way less incline to dope and to excuse dopers. I'm optimist as I see doping cases seldom are about top riders now. May be they are just smarter.
In any case I firmly believe that behind a rider who dopes there are many people as guilty as him or her who would deserve as well a punishment.
Finally: I thought about closing this blog but sometimes I still have something to say about cycling, a story to tell, a race to commentate, an interview to post, mine or in short, that I want to share, or some pictures I took in one of my many travels, cycling related or not. So the blog goes on. Check it now and then and thank you for to read me anyway: 100 readers per day even when I post nothing is something I'm proud of!

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