Giro 5: One for the Break?

Just one KOM on the way to Benevento but a waved profile and a tricky finale: today stage could suit an early break. And the break is at the moment made of Amets Txurruka, Daniel Oss, Pavel Brutt and Foliforov. The Fortino already climbed - Cunego won the KOM - the break went away and they have more than 6'.
Omar Fraile sadly didn't start due to the consequences of yesterday crash. Marcel Kittel instead is the b-day boy and got his b-day cake before the start. B-day also for Adam Hansen, who's racing his 14th consecutive grand tour.
Oss won both first and second intermediate sprint, then crashed and now has to chase. 
After 147 km of racing the gap is 4'17'' and Daniel Oss is back in the break. In the peloton Team Giant-Alpecin and Team Lotto-Saudal are very active in leading the chase. Spotted at the back, Fabian Cancellara is getting better but still not competitive.
Today it's cloudy, warm and humid but so far dry. In the peloton the atmosphere looks relaxed.
The news comes that Jakub Mareczko abandoned due to illness.
58 km to go Txurruka, Brutt, Oss and Foliforov have 3'46". Domenico Pozzovivo got a mechanical problem and is slightly dropped. Team mate Blel Kadri escorts him in the team cars' area.
50 km to go the gap is down to 1'52". No more climbing but descent and very soon a long soporific flat. The peloton has the the break on control so honestly there is no thrill. The finish though is slightly uphill and paved.
26 km to go: the road changed, it's narrow and winding. The peloton's mood changed too, getting nervous and more focused. The gap is just 30'' and the jury orders the barrage.
A puncture forced Chad Haga to stop and to change a wheel. Oioi! Three riders went straight in a ditch: Timmer, Zilioli and Bobridge. Bit sore but all back on bike. 
A puncture stops also Rafal Majka who takes a wheel from a mate and escorted comes back to the peloton.
First passage on the line, the break is caught. Marcel Kittel is slightly droppped.
One for the break? no. One more for the sprinters.
Last km: Rein Taaramae crashes on a corner. Nobody else fall but the sprint is marred. Andre Greipel wins on Demare and Colbrelli. Bravo Belletti: 6th.
As far as the GC Bob Jungels sprints to 4th! Great! he gets some time on Demoulin who anyway keeps the Pink Jersey.
Nibali and Landa were behind the crash and lost 4'' to Valverde who instead was in the front group.

Andre Greipel:
“Chapeau to my teammates today. It was hard for them to chase down the break but they continued to work for me even if the other teams didn’t help us. In the sprint, I tried not to be blocked in. There was still 300 metres to go but I felt good and decided to go for it. I’m happy to have won like that.”
"I think it started up with chasing the breakaway down. Jelle Vanendert kept riding with Giant-Alpecin and the other riders didn’t help. We had to gamble a little bit and in the end we used two more riders with Lars Bak and Wellens to chase the breakaway down. The others kept me up front and I tried to stay up on the final lap and Jurgen Roelandts did an amazing job from 5km to the final kilometre to keep me up there.
For the sprint, I thought to myself, please don’t get boxed in and I went early but I thought I would give it a go. I saw the gap and I went through, and I gave everything I had in my legs.
It was really important to stay up there in the front with a lot of corners and downhills, especially the U-turn with 1.5km to go. Jurgen Roelandts did an amazing job to keep me up there in front. Everybody slowed with about 400 metres to go and I thought if I see a gap then I’ll go through. I have good legs today and even though the team is a big part of it I think that I did a good sprint today."

Bob Jungels:
"I have good feelings in the legs and I'm looking forward to the next stages".
"The stage was very long. They said it was one for the sprinters, but it was really hard, as we were all the time up and down through the mountains. With Marcel suffering, we decided to go for Matteo, but unfortunately he got caught behind the crash. I was in a good position and started my sprint, although it wasn't easy at all. Now I am looking forward to tomorrow's mountain stage and especially to the individual time trial on Sunday".

Rein Taaramäe:
"All ok after last km accident, front wheel just slipped away.very happy that others dont crashed out because of me."

Giacomo Nizzolo:
"The feeling during the day was not the best one for me, and I was hoping in the end it could be better, and that is why I was always there in the front in the last kilometers. But then when we came to the last corner, some guys crashed just in front of me. I had to brake and almost had to put my foot on the ground. From there, it was over. I think the wheel I chose to follow in the last kilometers was a good one, eh? In the end, Greipel was the strongest. I saw him very motivated and powerful so I decided to stay in his wheel. What can I say? I did my best, definitely. I tried one hundred percent and it did not work out today. The only thing I can do is keep going and never give up."

Tom Dumoulin:
“It was a really hard day, it was all up and down and it was fast with four guys in the break. Then in the final the speed was crazy. Tomorrow we’ve got the first uphill finish. It’s going to be a tough finish and we’ll really find out how everyone's form is. We’ll see what happens in the finale. It went exactly like we expected. It was a hard day, the whole day up and down but it was quite easy to control for our team. The final was… now I really know what they mean by saying sprinting in Italy is different; it was incredible. It was so chaotic and really dangerous. I actually suffered in the final but I guess everyone did. I can handle it but when you’re not going for a result in a sprint like this then I would have liked it to be way more calm. Tomorrow's finish is not too hard. I am expecting not to lose too much time if I lose any."

Marcel Kittel:
"It was a very hard day today. There was a lot of climbing today so it wasn’t a normal sprint. I just wasn’t strong enough today, so I want to congratulate Greipel and his team. They deserved to win. Honestly, I don’t think today was the biggest and best chance for me. We had 800 altitude metres more than on the mountain stage yesterday, so I struggled a bit, to be honest. It was super tough. Andre is super strong and he deserved to win and from now on we are looking to the next day. I hope stage 7 is a good chance after the mountain stage tomorrow. A sprint is always hectic. I don’t want to say it is an Italian style of sprinting. You just have to have the strength and the team to help you stay in front. A sprint finish like this is only hectic because you have people trying to go for themselves with no support and then you have to have good legs to stay in a good position."

Elia Viviani:
“Greipel deserved this win and won it well. He had a difficult spring but is going well now as we can see. My form isn’t at the very best and so I’ve got to suffer a little bit. I’m hoping thing will come around later in the Giro d’Italia.”

Damiano Cunego:
“I saw I had a chance to take the jersey yesterday and went for it; today we made sure we defended it. I’m riding well and so we’ll try to hold it as long as possible, its good for the Nippo Vini Fantini team. I know I can lose it on the toughest mountain stages but we’ll try to come up with a way of getting back if we lose it. I’ll also target stage victories later on too.”

Daniel Oss:
“I’m okay despite the crash. I just slipped out on the corners and suffered some road rash. I want to let my family know that I’m okay. I went on the attack to give it ago. It didn’t come off this time but for sure I’ll keep trying. Unfortunately Txurruka was only five minutes down overall and so they didn’t let us open a bigger gap, otherwise we cold have tried to take them on. Not to worry. We live to fight another day.”
"Was so easy stage, so I invented my crash to make it more interesting. Result: breakaway, stiches on my tibia, some abrasions and many pics."

Maxime Monfort:
"It has been a good day. We knew that it was a good stage for us especially as we saw that there was a chance for the bunch sprint. It was still a hard day and with a small hill in the finish it was perfect for Andre. Especially on cobblestones because you need the power. That was the only way to beat Kittel on a stage like today. We used a lot of energy but at the end it succeeded. Actually, we were a bit far to the breakaway with 50km to go and the downhill was really fast and the peloton stretch and then when you hit a climb immediately there was a split, and I think that was the problem for Kittel. On this final circuit, it was really short and it stretched also and it was even harder."

Alejandro Valverde:
"It's gonna be a complicated finish... even though today's already had its wear and tear".

Moreno Hofland:
“It was a tricky stage with some tough climbs that weren’t actually climbs in the road book. Everything still went well for us. Maarten Tjallingii brought us to the front just before the final lap and Jos van Emden did a great effort afterwards. Enrico Battaglin kept me in front afterwards so I was able to start the descent in a good position. I had to brake more than I wanted to and lost my position. That was a pity because I had strong legs today. This fifth place was the best possible after the crash.”

Rick Zabel:
“I was already happy after The Netherlands when I got my first top ten placing but I also wanted to prove that I could do it again in Italy, that it was not just one day. I’m happy now that I’ve shown that I have good shape with my second top top finish. It was the second-longest stage of the Giro d’Italia but that is also important for me to prove that I still have the legs after a long stage.
This was one of the first times that I was really in the final after more than five hours of racing. So that’s also good to see. I think my positioning was really good in the last six kilometers but I didn’t really have the legs to go for the podium. I think Greipel was outstanding and no one could beat him. For me now I will take things day by day and see what other sprinting opportunities I can get.”

Manuel Belletti:
"When in the last km you are forced by a crash to comeback to the front from the 15th postion... it isn't the best".

1 Greipel
2 Demare
3 Colbrelli
4 Jungels
5 Hofland
6 Belletti
7 Zabel
8 Preidler
9 Ewan
10 Tcatevitch
1 Dumoulin
2 Jungels +16
3 Ulissi +20
4 Preidler +20
5 Kruijswijk +24
6 Nibali +26
7 Valverde +27
8 Zakarin +35
9 Fuglsang +35
Pink: Dumoulin
Blue: Cunego
White: Jungels
Red: Kittel

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