Giro 9: In the Vineyards of Chianti

It's raining. In the morning there was a beautiful sun but now the sky is gray of heavy clouds.
Cancellara isn't recovered yet while Roglic confirms his talent and his form. The road was dry when they rode so it's possible that Roglic's best time sticks.
Steven Kung is doing well though, in spite or may be thanks the heavy rain. Moreno Moser is ready to start.
The rain makes cautious many riders and also Kung can't go further than 6th.
Three riders  joined - Ludvigsson, Agnoli and Tcatevitch - and are riding in a line: a position that is forbiden by the UCI rules.
Bob Jungels is at the start: a serious cronoman he's still in the GC top 20 and wearing the White Jersey. A ride to follow this one!
Tom Dumoulin lost the Pink Jersey yesterday: can he take it back? can he win this time trial? He think so, lets see! He's off now.
Mikel Landa MUST do well. He's riding a new brand bike and needs a good result. Can he still aim to the Giro final victory?
Bob Jungels scores a great 2nd at the first checkpoint, on wet road. Bravo!
Andrey Amador is also flying.
Some riders crashed in the last bend that's slippery and tricky.
Rigoberto Uran is down the ramp, unafraid of the rain and pedaling well.
At the first checkpoint Tom Dumoulin is only 5th: saving energies or simply slow? Mikel Landa is way slower.
Now Nibali is off. Today a young rider of ASD Nibali was killed in Messina, by a car while training, he was 14 and his name was Rosario Costa. How many must die before people learn to respect each others?!
It keeps raining and it's quite cold. Rigoberto Uran is NOT doing well: it's delay is over 1'. Mikel Landa instead is loosing few at the secon checkpoint. Vincenzo Nibali is only 25'' down on Amador. Alejandro Valverde is on Landas' time.
Gianluca Brambilla is the last one at the start.
Tom Demoulin finished with a big delay: 1'58''.
Steven Kruijswijk is on Landa's time. But Ilnur Zacarin is doing better: he could wear the Pink Jersey today.
Last bend for Mikel Landa: his delay is 2'20''.
NO! Zakarin crashed! he's immediately back but he lost time.
Vincenzo Nibali is on Panzano's climb, riding on Landa's time.
Poor Zakarin has to stop again to change his bike. Rigoberto Uran finished with 4'12'' delay.
It seems that Nibali is doing better than Valverde. He finishes with a 2'13''  delay.
Alejandro Valverde  finishes with a 2'24'' delay: worse than Nibali and Landa.
Steven Kruijswijk finishes with a 2'23'' delay. A splendid performance for the Dutch.
The itt victory is sure for Roglic while Bob Jungels could be in Pink at the end of the day. But Brambilla is fighting.
Ilnur Zakarin is at the finish but he falls at the last bend! What a bad luck!
Gianluca Brambilla is at the finish. 2'05''. He keeps the Pink Jersey! for just one second!


1 Roglic
2 Brandle +10
3 Laengen +17
4 Cancellara +28
5 Vorobyev +30
6 Jungels +45
7 Kung +58
8 Van Emden +1:08
9 Tjallingii +1:16
10 Amador
1 Brambilla
2 Jungels +1
3 Amador +32
4 Kruijswijk +51
5 Nibali +53
6 Valverde +55
7 Dumoulin +58
8 Landa +1:18
9 Majka +1:45


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