Giro: A Fractured Finger For Silvan Dillier

He crashed in the last 12 kilometers of Stage 3 and immediately looked in pain. Forced to abandone he was took to the hospital to undergo X-Rays on his right hand and arm, and a a dislocated fracture of the first phalange of his second finger emerged. 

Team BMC Doctor Ruffini:
"Silvan will return to Switzerland in the morning and undergo surgery to secure the fracture. At this stage we do not have a clear indication of when he will be able to resume training but he will most likely need ten or so days off. We will know more after his surgery."

Silvan Dillier:
"It's obviously really disappointing to not only miss out on the chance to get a good result at the Giro d'Italia but also because this was important preparation for the Olympic Games. I hope to be back on the bike as soon as possible and be back in good form for GP du canton d'Agovie, which is my home race and a big goal for me."

Get well soon!

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