Giro: Rest Day and Transfer

I don't like grand tours starting abroad and you should know why. The rest day should be dedicated to REST: taking a bus, a plane and a bus again, waking up early - or just waking up - and having to change hotel once more is NOT RESTING. Riders understand what I mean: the simple fact you have to sleep in a different bed every night is stressful and after a stage you just want to lay down. 
Secondly this kind of transfer is expensive: big teams can afford to have a double staff with a bus, cars, mechanics and masseurs both in the start country and in the tour country, but small teams can't. Only riders and DS fly to the new start city, the rest have to travel night and day to make it there in time. That's honestly unacceptable given that it's unnecessary.
This kind of transfert is also very polluting: transferts should be minimal.
Last but not least people in the tour home country is defrauded: three days of their home country's most important race are far away and they can't enjoy it on the road. Also it's an economical lost for the home country's cities that can't be start or finish location. It's true that they pay but they also get a lot of money back when the crowd arrive.
So why do the grand tours start abroad? Probably foreign cities pay more or they get money also from foreign local sponsors and tv. 
Anyway the Giro is finally coming to Italia. I should be there on the next Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned!

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