Lotto-Soudal about Stig Broeckx's Condition After Crash

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"This afternoon Stig Broeckx got seriously hurt in an accident during the third stage of the Belgium Tour. In a descent the young Belgian was involved in a crash of about twenty riders, caused by a crash of two motorbikes. Broeckx was seriously injured and he immediately received medical attention at the side of the road, afterwards a helicopter transported him to the hospital of Aachen.

Team doctor Servaas Bingé: 
“It was immediately clear that Stig had incurred a head injury and that he needed to be transported to a neurosurgical centre. Together with the race doctor and the medical emergency team we decided to transport him to the hospital of Aachen, which has the necessary infrastructure. A scan was taken at the hospital and it showed that Stig has two bleedings in his brain. Stig is in a non-induced coma, but for the moment he doesn’t need to undergo surgery. He doesn’t have a skull fracture, but he does have a fractured eye socket, which will be further evaluated later. At this point, it is very difficult to give a prognosis about a full recovery. The next 24 hours he will be very closely monitored.”

Manager Marc Sergeant: 
“Of course we are very shaken by all that has happened today. Last year our team had very difficult moments after the accident of Kris Boeckmans, exactly three months ago Stig was already hit by a motorbike in Kuurne and a few weeks later the peloton had to cope with the death of Antoine Demoitié. This is very hard for all staff members and riders, but even more for the family and friends of Stig. We can only hope that there is a positive evolution in the condition of Stig and we will support him and his family the best we can, both medically and emotionally.
After the neutralisation, the riders gathered in the team bus and drove to the team hotel were they stayed together to support each other and to talk about what happened. After deliberation we informed the organisation that we won’t ride the last stage of the Belgium Tour. At the moment it is pointless to make any accusations, but it should have been obvious much longer that structural measures concerning the safety of the riders are necessary.”

We will inform you as soon as there is any significant evolution in the condition of Stig Broeckx and we’d like to thank the cycling family for all support."


Team doctor Servaas Bingé:
“Constant monitoring and tests showed that the intracranial pressure has slightly increased, but within acceptable limits. During the next 48 to 72 hours the increase or decrease of the intracranial pressure will be decisive for further treatment. If the intracranial pressure increases, surgery might be necessary. A decrease of the pressure would be a positive sign. The bleedings in the brain have stabilised. The condition of Stig needs to be monitored every hour and the neurosurgical team of the hospital is consulted for the treatment. The secondary injuries – fracture of the eye socket and bruised lung – don’t have a determining influence at the moment.”

Update Tuesday 31 May 19:00
"Because of the increased intracranial pressure Stig Broeckx had to undergo two operations today, which stabilised the intracranial pressure again. Stig will need to stay in an induced coma for a while to let his body recover from the injuries and surgery. At the moment no prognosis can be made."

Update Wednesday 8 June 17:30
"Since his crash in the Tour of Belgium Stig Broeckx has been kept in an induced coma in the hospital of Aachen for the past eleven days to let him recover from the crash and the surgery he had to undergo last week. That operation was intended to decrease the intracranial pressure. The intracranial pressure has been under control since the operation and the situation is no longer acutely life threatening. At this moment it is not clear yet what the neurological consequences of the crash will be. These examinations can only take place when the condition of Stig has been stable for a long time."

Update Wednesday Saturday Jun 25
"The past days the neurosurgical team of the hospital in Genk has reduced the medication of Stig in an attempt to get him out of coma. Unfortunately Stig doesn’t respond to stimuli like sound or movement. The doctors confirm that Stig has incurred severe brain damage, in the brain stem and different brain regions. He is now in a vegetative state. At the moment it is difficult to predict if the consciousness can partially come back.
Out of respect for the family there won’t be any further comments."

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