Youths' Cycling: Safety Shouldn't Be Optional!

On Sunday morning I was at son's race in Arezzo
It was very badly organised, with absolutely no respect for the riders' safety, and we are talking about 13 and 14 yo kids.
The road wasn't completely closed and cars were allowed in the last km even when the peloton was approaching for the final sprint. 
I'm really angry. Other moms and I even had to fight with some 'volunteers' who weren't doing their job. 
I must say that normally rules are correctly implemented in these races and given that we are a kind of community - riders, teams' staff, races' organisers', kids' parents and relatives, local administrations - everybody do his or her best to assure a safe racing. Arezzo has been an exception. A BAD one. And I hope the organisers will pay for that.

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